Monday, July 29, 2013

La Legua Peru, July 29, 2013 (20)

Hola! Como estan? Last week for P day we ate Chilean hot dogs and played futbol with Hermana Seclen´s zone. It was super fun! I love getting together with other missionaries. Today for P day we went shopping at a big mall and bought enough groceries to last us for another two cambios probably. Not very exciting ha, but we bought gelato which made me happy!
Well this week was pretty good for Hna Rodriguez y yo. I´ve been thinking a lot about what makes a successful missionary. We had lessons this week where I felt the spirit so strong, and I just knew that what I was teaching was true. There was just no doubt in my mind! I felt Heavenly Father´s love for me so many times this week and could just feel that his Spirit was with us. But then yesterday at church we only had one investigator come to church. We were pretty discouraged yesterday, because now we have to postpone Rosa´s baptism again. We realized though that if Rosa doesn´t come to church on her own of her own free will, she´s not going to come regularly after her baptism. We want to have baptisms of people who are going to be faithful members of the church! We´ve been a little discouraged because we don´t know how to help people keep their commitments. We´ve been studying Preach My Gospel a lot and are still learning how to apply the principles that it teaches. I have to keep reminding myself that Hna. Rodriguez and I are still young in the mission. We are still learning how to use our time efficiently, especially with working with the members. I also learned that people still have their agency, and we can´t force them to change! If we´re being obedient and teaching with the Spirit, then we´re doing our part as missionaries. We have to trust that the Spirit will touch our investigators in his own time. The Lord´s time is different than ours! So, even though this week was a little bit discouraging, we´re not discouraged! I know that the Lord is in the work and that he didn´t send us here to fail. We´ve just got to keep working and learning. I´m so grateful for everything I´m learning and that my own testimony is growing.

I forgot to tell you dad, I saw Hermana Buzan at transfers last week! We talked for a bit and she´s super nice! Did you guys start reading the Book of Mormon looking for when it mentions Christ? I love reading the Book of Mormon as a missionary! It truly testifies of Christ, and I feel like it talks about missionaries a ton. I know that the Book of Mormon is true, and that through Joseph Smith God restored his true church on the earth. I love my mission! I love you all and hope you´re doing well. Thanks for all your letters! How is McCall doing?? Could you forward me her emails? What is her email? Love you guys! I learned some Quechua this week... ewaya! (means Adios) 

Con amor, Hermana Anderson

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