Thursday, July 25, 2013

La Legua Peru, July 22, 2013 (19)

Buenos Dias! Como estan todos? The work here in Peru has been pretty good this week! Last week for Pday we went to a museum about the history of Peru and there was even an earthquake simulation! It was pretty cool ha. Today we´re heading to Larcomar, the big mall that we went to a couple weeks ago. We´re going to play futbol with Hermana Seclen´s zone, so I´m excited!
Ok, so it´s time to tell you about the loco bandera. That literally means crazy flag in Spanish. The loco bandera is a loco that lives here in Carmen de la legua (there are more than one ha). Word on the street between missionaries is that the loco bandera is a loco that´s been around forever. He claims that he´s immortal and that he owns a bunch of land that he wants to give to the church. He wants to talk to the gringo missionaries because he thinks that they have all the power in the church... so whenever he sees me he starts following us and really wants to talk to me, but it freaks me out! The other day after church he was outside our apartment talking to the door, waiting for us to come out. We had to call the son of our pensionista to come make him leave, but before he came the loco bandera had left. We are being super extra careful, so don´t worry! I just thought it was a funny story to share ha.
We had transfers on Tuesday and they were great! President Borg challenged all of us to read the Book of Mormon in two months, going through and marking all the time it mentions Christ. I´ve only been reading about a week now, but i can already tell that the Book of Mormon truly testifies of Christ! It´s amazing how many times he´s mentioned. It´s made me realize even more that it´s not our words that the people need to believe in! All we need to do is teach in a way that makes people want to read the Book of Mormon, because it´s the words that are written that people need to believe. I love reading the Book of Mormon as a missionary, I feel like I´m reading it for the first time! I´ve found things that I´ve never found before, it´s pretty cool. I challenge you guys to read the Book of Mormon this way too! Go through and mark all the times it mentions Christ or any of his names. I promise that you can find new things in the Book of Mormon that you´ve never found before.
Well that´s about it for this week. Hermana Rodriguez and I are loving that we get to be together for another transfer! We feel like we have the basics down and now need to work on technics. It´s just like in sports right? First the basics, then technics. Have a great week everyone! I love you all! Thank you for the letters and support! Cuidense!
Hna Anderson

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