Wednesday, July 3, 2013

La Legua Peru, July 1, 2013 (16)

Saludos a todos. Today for P day we went bowling and ate at Chilis in Miraflores. I cant put any exclamation marks on this computer, but it was way fun. It was nice to eat something other than rice, potatoes and chicken ha. 
On Wednesday I went to San Miguel on intercambios con an Hna. Quispe de Bolivia and Hna Bennett de Provo, UT. We all got along really well and it was a fun day. Hna Bennett is super funny. We are friends on facebook from before, she might have some pictures and a blog too.
When I got back to my apartment the other hermanas in our sector moved into our room, so now there are 4 of us living in our apartment. Its actually been pretty fun, except using the bathroom in the morning isnt so fun. We didnt have running water in La Legua from Saturday afternoon til Sunday afternoon. I just pretended like we were camping. We had some pots soaking in water, so I put that water in my filtered water bottle and used that to wash my hands and brush my teeth. I was all bunkered down and ready to not have water for a few days, but then it was only for one day ha. We have also had sol for the last two days, so thats been nice.
On Saturday we went to a big conference called Cien Estacas to celebrate that there are 100 stakes in Peru. I got to see a lot of my friends, including Hna Obrigawitch and Hna Ocampo that went to the other mission. For about an hour there were tradicional Peruvian dances that were way cool. I love the tradicional Peruvian clothes, the colors are super bright and awesome. After the dances, all of us missionaries at the conference walked across the stage and waved to everyone. We were in a big stadium, so I felt pretty famous for a bit. After that, Elder D. Todd Cristofferson talked to us for about 15 minutes about how we are building zion here in Peru. He blessed the country and all the people with an apostolic blessing. It was way cool. I want to tell all our investigators that an apostle blessed them ha.
When I was with Hna Quispe and Bennett we watched a video with Elder Holland and Presidente Erying that talks about the Atonement and missionary work. In the video, Elder Holland talks about why missionary work is, and has to be so hard. He says that its because Salvation is not easy, and never was. He says that it is so hard at times because it was never easy for Christ when he was on the earth preaching his gospel. Elder Holland says that missionary work is hard so that we can know at least a tiny tiny bit of what our Savior had to go through. The video really made me think, and remember again the reason that Im here. Christ was the perfect missionary, and I should always keep him in my thoughts and do what he would do. If its hard for me, I know theres someone whos felt all of that and more. Its the same for everyone, even if theyre not on a mission. Theres someone who knows what were going through, and we can always turn to him for help.
So a little bit about our investigators... Emily is 20 years old and already has a strong testimony of prayer and the Book of Mormon.She read Alma 22 and said she really related to the king, Lamonis father. She told us Quiero bautizarme, which is like the best thing in the world to hear ha. Shes awesome and hopefully within the next few weeks she can be baptized.
We are teaching a family, la familia Postigo, and want the dad, mom, and their 8 year old daughter to be baptized together. The dad isnt too interested in hearing us, but we are still working with him. The little girl is named Maria Jesus and is adorable. The little kids here are all adorable, well most of them ha.
Well thats it for this week. I love you guys sooo much. Everytime we watch a mormon message about families or sing families can be together forever I get all choked up, which is weird cause before I didnt usually cry all that much ha. I just realized what a blessing it is to be together forever as a family. I know that the gospel is for families, and that Christ can help families come together more than any other thing. Love you guys. Cuidense. Chaufa.
Con amor, Hermana Anderson

This is part of my zone that went bowling.  The Elder in front is from Uruguay the other Elders are from the states.

Beach in Miraflores.

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