Wednesday, July 10, 2013

La Legua Peru, July 8, 2013 (17)

     Buenos Dias! We are in Lima today, I´m not sure exactly where, but we were supposed to go to a place called Canta. We heard that Canta was up in the mountains and there was fishing, horses, lots of open fields... basically lots of summer stuff, but then we found out this morning that it was three hours away and that it was too expensive to travel. So instead we are here in Lima just cruising around and seeing what there is to see. I was excited to go to Canta and have a change of scenery, but maybe we can go next cambio. Cambios are next Tuesday so I probably won´t email til Tuesday. I´m pretty sure Hna Rodriguez and I will be together at least one more cambio, which I´m super happy about! We get along really well and I think we teach well together too.
     Sounds like the 4th of July was fun for you guys! We hear fireworks most every night outside our room, so I just pretended that it was for the 4th. I feel so patriotic here! It´s so true that you don´t realize what you have til you don´t have it anymore. I am learning to love the ways of Peru though. It´s a lot different, but I love it. I officially ate papa la huancaína the other day and me encanta! It´s kind of like nacho cheese on a baked potato. Oh, and THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE!!! Sarah is super nice and I loved seeing the video of you!! It was a fun surprise. It´s great to have peanut butter and oreos! Haha and mom, tell Spence and Erik thanks for all the stuff. It was kind of hard to explain to the hermanas why they sent me the most random stuff, but it made my day. And I love the clothes you sent!! You read my mind about the scarf, I forgot to tell you to send it. It´s still pretty cold here, I had to buy some gloves the other day too. I think that Callao is a little colder because there´s factories nearby so there´s smog in the air, plus humidity from the ocean. It doesn´t exactly rain here, but it kind of mists, especially in the morning. People call it ¨llovisnando.¨ It´s like you´re continually being sprayed in the face with a water bottle ha.
     Hna Rodriguez and I have been going through our ward directory and looking up inactive members. Lots of them have moved, but it´s actually a great way to find new people to teach, because we can talk to the new people that live there. And when we do find the inactive members they usually have kids or other family members that are not members for us to teach. We were with an inactive member yesterday actually, and as I was saying the opening prayer she was whispering and repeating all the words after I said them. Haha it was pretty funny. We found two new investigators this week! Antony is 14 and his grandparents are members, so we taught him in their house. For being only 14 he has a strong desire to come closer to Christ, and he really liked hearing about the Book of Mormon. Soledad is our other new investigator. We found her in a tienda when we were buying cookies ha. She is abou 24 and said that she´s been looking for the right church but has never been able to find it. She really liked hearing about the Book of Mormon too. I know that the Book of Mormon is true, and that the spirit really bears testimony to people that it´s true if they have a real desire to know. The spirit is so important in the work! I almost think it´s a blessing that I´m teaching in another language, because I can tell when I´m trying to say something that I want to say, versus something that the spirit prompts me to say. I stumble over my words and don´t make any sense when it´s something that I want to say, but when I am teaching with the Spirit I can talk just fine. 
     We were with the other hermanas the other day and with Titi, remember the member in the wheelchair? We were walking down the street and some guys yelled at me out of the car as they were driving by, ¨How are you baby?!¨ It happens a lot so I´m used to stuff like that, but then Titi said something back to them. Then he told us that he thought they were talking to him, since he´s like a baby in a stroller. Haha it was funny!
     Well that´s it for this week. I hope everything´s good at home. Sounds like you´re having a great summer! I love you guys so so much!! Cuidense!

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