Thursday, August 8, 2013


Hola! We´re writing a little later in the day today because we were playing volleyball together with the zone and didn´t have time to write earlier. We played a game called jailbreak that I used to play with my friends in high school all the time. It was soo fun to play again! We also had a barbaque and cooked meat on the grill. It was super good and fun!
So this week was a pretty good one! We are still working with Soledad and teaching her for her baptism the 24th of this month. She hasn´t come to church yet for lots of different reasons, so that´s something that could hold her back. We are going to work this whole week with her to make sure she can come to church this next Sunday. Soledad lives across the street from Abdul, remember the little ten year old that was baptized my first day here? Soledad told us that the taxi of Abdul´s dad was completely wrecked and that all the windows were smashed. His dad was kicked out of his room and he took Abdul and his brother with him. Hna Rodriguez and I thought that they had left for good and that we were never gonna see Abdul again! But we were walking in another part of our sector and ended up in the street of Abdul´s cousin, where we found him and his dad. When we knocked on the door Abdul opened the door and was standing there in his little footy pajamas and said I knew it, like he knew we´d find him. It was really a miracle. God works in mysterious ways!

We met a woman named Karen this last week (she was a reference) and she´s really interested in the Book of Mormon and has family that are members. I´m excited to keep teaching her!

I ate soup with a chicken foot two times this last week. The second time I tried the meat on the foot, but it wasn´t very good ha. I´ve also eaten cow lung, but I didn´t realize what I was eating. It wasn´t too bad though!

Hna Nunez y Hna De Las Nieves moved out of our room into their new room this week. I felt like they were moving away for good! I´m not super excited for transfers, because I´m pretty sure Hna Rodriguez and Hna Nunez are going to change, because they´ll have both been here for 6 months. I feel like I´ve become best friends with the hermanas here and it will be hard to change! I´m so grateful that I got to be here with them!

Well that´s it for this week. I love you all sooo much! Thanks for all your letters! Keep writing and take care. I know that there´s nothing better I could be doing with my life right now. I love being a missionary! Chau!

Hna. Anderson

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