Tuesday, August 27, 2013

La Legua Peru, Aug 26, 2013 (24)

     Hola familia! Wow I have so many things to write about this week! Tuesday we got to go to the temple and it was amazing. It was a nice sunny day and we got there early so we just walked around and enjoyed the sunshine for a while. I could really tell a difference just walking around the temple between everything going on outside... the temple is awesome and really is a special place. It was great to get a spiritual boost to be able to keep working hard for the rest of the week.
     On Wednesday we had a visit from Elder Quentin L. Cook! He flew in from Cusco for a devotional with our mission and it was amaaazing! We got there early so we had front row seats! We were all super anxious and excited for him to come, and then when he walked in the room the Spirit just flooded in. We all got to walk up and shake his hand. It was really cool! Elder C. Scott Growe, our seventy, also came and he talked first a lot about reactivating menos activos. I was kinda surprised at first at how much he talked about them, but he told us that if we want more baptisms we should work in reactivation. Elder Cook talked a lot about that too. He shared the scripture in DyC 31 verse 3 I think, where the Lord says that through his missionaries he will establish his church. Elder Cook talked about how establishing the church means having strong members, not just more members. And it´s so true! There are a lot of menos activos in our ward that we´re working with. Elder Cook also promised us with an apostolic blessing that our families would be taken care of. He said that we are doing more good here for our familes than we could be doing for them at home. He said we are blessing the lives of everybody we love. I thought that was pretty awesome! I learned a lot from hearing from Elder Cook and I know that he´s a servant of the Lord. 
     Tomorrow is cambios and I´ll be getting a new companion! I have loved so much my time with Hna. Rodriguez and have learned so much from her. I know that we´ll always be good friends! I´m excited to meet my new companion and to start a new adventure here. If things go as planned Soledad and Miguel will be baptized this cambio, and I know we can find more people who are ready to accept the gospel! 
     Welp, I love you guys so so much!! It´s so good to hear from you all and it sounds like you´re doing well. I love to hear that you´re all starting to read the Book of Mormon and mark it up! At the bottom of each page write how many times it mentions Christ. You can also mark how many times he directly says something in another color and mark it at the bottom of the page. My testimony of the libro de mormon grows everytime I read it. I know it´s true. Love you guys! Until next week!

Con amor, Hna. Anderson
Hna Anderson and Hna Rodriguez with stake president and his family

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