Monday, January 6, 2014

After a whole lot of changes... everything´s the same

     Okay, I don´t even know where to start with everything that´s happened this week! I guess I should start with hey family, how are you guys?? So Monday night we heard the transfers and our district leader told us that Hermana Aguero had a change!! We were super confused because we were in the middle of her training and she still needs a transfer more to finish. So, we packed up all her bags but then the zone leaders told us that SHE was going to be the one to open up the new sector, las brisas 2. So we were both going to be getting new companions! At transfer meeting 10 new hermanas came, so basically all the hermanas had a change and a ton are training now, even my friend Hermana Hollberg that has about 5 or 6 months. Up on the projector we found out that Hermana Brudnicki, the hermana that was in La Legua with me, was going to come and finish the training of Hna Aguero. She also has about 5 months. Then, my picture came up on the board, and my companion is.... HERMANA RODRIGUEZ!!!! Yeah! Again!! Haha we couldn´t believe that we´re together again! AND we are now hermanas capacitadores, or in English, sister training leaders. I was SO shocked. I don´t know if I´ve ever heard of a missionary returning to be with their trainer! We were so pumped!
     So, obviously there´s been lots of changes here, but like it says in the title, I decided that everything´s still the same. I´m with Hna Rodriguez again, Hna Brudnicki is in my ward again, I´m in a ward with four hermanas, I started in New Mexico with companion sister training leaders.... Oh, and Elder Fankhauser from my MTC district is my district leader! This week has been crazy ha. My zone is awesome and I love it already. Now that we´re STL´s we´ll be doing exchanges with the hermanas in our zone and two other companionships in another zone, so in all we have 14 hermanas that we now have to train. We´re going to be doing our first exchange tomorrow. I´ll probably be going with an Hna Richardson that is from Utah and went to Weber. I´m excited to get to know other sectors and meet some new people. I´m excited but nervous, grateful, but shocked. If the Lord says that I can do something, I know I can do it! Like I said before, it´s like that Uncle Ben quote, but opposite.... with great responsibility, comes great power.

     On Saturday Gustavo was baptized and Sunday confirmed!!! He bore a really powerful testimony about how he feels like a new person, like he was reborn. I´ve grown to really care for the people I teach, and I know Gustavo will be a strong priesthood holder in the church.

     This week I ate cow stomach and cow liver. The stomach is a dish called cau cau, and the liver is called higalo. They were both feo.
 Love, Hermana Anderson 

Hermana Anderson and Rodriguez

Pucusana (south of Lima)

Gustavo's baptism

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