Tuesday, January 28, 2014

There was a man named Cornelius

Hola familia! This week was just awesome! I feel like it flew by cause it was just full of ¨stuff.¨ Interviews with President, exchanges with the hermanas and other meetings. On Tuesday I went to Pueblo Libre with an Hermana Antonio.. she is from Bolivia. It was a lot of fun! We met some cool people and had some great lessons. On Thursday Hna Rodriguez went to Jesus Maria while I stayed in our sector with Hna Loayza. She is from the north of Peru and is super cute! We also had lots of fun.
On Wednesday when I returned to our sector Hna Rodriguez told me that they had found a ¨Cornelius.¨ In Acts 10, a gentile named Cornelius has a vision from an angel that he needs to go Peter, so he sends his servants to talk to Peter. Peter ends up teaching and baptizing Cornelius and his whole household. We use this story in the mission to talk about ¨golden investigators,¨ people that the Lord has already been preparing to hear our message. So when Hna Rodriguez told me we had a Cornelius, I was super stoked! We had a lesson with him that day (his name is Nilo), and within minutes of meeting him I realized that he really had come to us prepared! He used to be a Jehova´s witness, but had left them because he didn´t agree with some of the things they taught. He told us that he was going through a hard time in his life, because his wife had left him and taken his two daughters with her. That day we taught Nilo in the park about the Restoration of the gospel. I taught him the first vision, and after, I asked him how he felt. He responded, ¨Well hermana, it´s hard to explain, but while you were talking, something just told me that it´s true.¨ We taught him that it was the Holy Ghost teaching him truth, that he was receiving an answer. This was only the second day we had known him! We taught him everyday this past week, and he accepted it all.. he still had questions, but we were able to explain and answer his doubts. The greatest miracle of all might be that he came to church wearing a full on suit!! We also had the blessing of a few other intestgators that came on their own. Elder Fankhauser who was with me in the MTC and who now is our district leader came after the meetings and gave him his baptismal interview. He passed!! Nilo now has a baptismal date for February 8. He may be the biggest miracle I´ve seen in my mission. I´ve never met someone who´s accepted the gospel with so much humility! We are super excited for him and can´t wait to see him grow and learn more.

On Saturday we went to the temple with a family that we are teaching. Do you remember Diego who was baptized in October? We went with him and his family.. his parents aren´t married, so we thought going to the temple would help them feel the spirit and see the blessings of an eternal marriage. They said they felt something different there outside the temple, like a peace that they had never felt before. That was also a great experience!

Saturday night I got a call from Sara saying she had a package for me, and Sunday she came to our church and gave me the package. She is so sweet! She filmed a little video of me saying hello.. sorry if it´s super awkward haha. But thanks for sending the package!!

Well that´s it for this week. Thanks for your emails and all your love and advice. It sounds like you´re all doing well. I love you all so much! Until next week!

Love, Hna Anderson

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