Monday, January 20, 2014

Just keep swimming

Hola familia! This week here in Las Brisas was a little slower as far as the work goes, but it was also a lot of fun and I learned a lot. Hna. Rodriguez and I are still getting along great! We realized if we have another transfer together we´ll have been companions for a third of our mission! 6 whole months. It´s pretty crazy, but pretty cool.
This last week on Tuesday was our turn as a zone to go to the temple. I love driving up to the temple and seeing the angel Moroni with all the buildings of Lima in the background. There is such a difference being inside the temple than being out on the streets. I have such a greater appreciation for the temple now. It´s so clean and beautiful inside! Even the gardens outside are just so different. What a blessing it is that just in the Salt Lake valley we have, what, like 7 or 8 temples? If you haven´t been to the temple lately, you should go! We can find so many personal answers to our questions there. I´m grateful that I´m realzing now just how important the temple is for us.

Like I said this week was a little slow as far as the work goes. We´ve been cleaning out the area book visiting old investigators and looking up the future ones. We´ve found a few less actives, which has been cool. Yesterday we were standing outside an apartment building looking up an old investigator when a man came up and asked which number we needed. He helped us out and we gave him a card with our number and the address for the church. He thanked us, and then told us that he was actually a member but that he hadn´t attended for a long time. He then started crying right then and there, a grown man about 50, crying in the street about how he still had his faith and he knew that God still loved him. It was a pretty powerful experience for me, how the Spirit can touch anyone at anytime. We are going to go next week to read the Book of Mormon with him so that he can gain his testimony back. I´m grateful for that experience I had with the spirit this week.

Last week we found an hermana named Maria who is progressing pretty well! She said she has been reading the Book of Mormon and knows it´s true. She didn´t come to church yesterday which was a bummer, but we´ll keep working with her. We also found an hermana named Melissa who has two little girls. We had a family home evening with her in a member´s house and it went great! We taught her the plan of salvation and how families can be together forever. She´s got some real potential as well.

I want to share something I read in the January Ensign this week. Here it´s called the Liahona, but I imagine the talks and stuff are pretty much the same. The talk is called ¨The best time to plant a tree,¨ by President Uchtdorf. He says in his message,

¨You don´t need an invitation to work towards your rightoues goals. You don´t have to wait for permission in order to become the person that you were made to be. You don´t need to wait to be invited to serve in the church.¨

If you´re thinking about going on a mission but are waiting for permission or an invitation from the Lord, the invitation has already been given! Here in the mission I really believe I´m learning so much more about the person I need to be. By serving I´m learning so much more about what I can accomplish.

I also really liked the talk in the same Ensign that talks about overcoming trials. The author is J. christopher Lansing. He says that we shouldn´t expect the Lord to take away our problems just because we promise Him that we´ll be better after if He does. We should endure our trials well, and after we´ll be blessed. Sometimes we just gotta keep swimming if things aren´t so great! The blessings will come after.

Welp that´s just some thoughts I had this week. I love you guys SOO much!! Thanks for always writing. Hope you´re still reading the book of mormon together. Have a great week!! Keep smiling. Keep swimming. Until next week!

Love, Hermana Anderson

pics Bday party in the house of our pensionista

A meal here called Pachamanca. It´s sooo good. It´s called grean beans, sweet potato, normal potato, and lots of meat.

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