Wednesday, January 15, 2014

First week of intercambios

Hola family! How are you all? This was a good first week here in the new transfer with Hermana Rodriguez. I am kinda sad that I´m not with Hna Aguero anymore, but we see each other everyday at lunch at meetings and stuff. Hna Rodriguez and I are living in our same room just us two. President doesn´t want more than two hermanas in the same room, cause lots of problems could happen with hermanas in the future. It´s fun to be with Hermana Rodriguez again! We´ve been talking about all of our old jokes and already have new ones. I can see how she´s grown since we were companions the first time, and she also says that I´ve changed too. Pretty cool!

So this week we started with exchanges. Normally we just have one exchange per week, but we have more hermanas that we have to visit this transfer, so it´ll be pretty busy. On Tuesday an Hermana Richardson came with me here while Hna Rodriguez went to the ward Magdalena. Hna Richardson is from Weber and actually lives like five minutes away from Pineview. She is pretty cool and we had fun together! I love being able to learn from the Hermanas and also share what I´ve learned. On Thursday it was my turn to go to a different area. I went with an Hermana Hymas from Philadelphia. She´s also pretty cool and we had some funny experiences there in her area. She´s also in the Magdalena ward and they have a lot of houses right on the beach. We were walking in a steep, skinny street on the beach when a man that looked like Santa Claus came running up to us. He was big and tall with long white hair and a long white beard. He started talking to us and asking if we were Mormons. I asked the classic question, ¨Do you believe in Christ?¨ And he said, ¨More or less. I´m Jewish.¨ That started a pretty interesting conversation about how there are Jews that believe in Christ... which I didn´t know. We couldn´t enter his house cause we were alone, but we stood in his doorway and he showed us all the pictures he has of Jerusalem and Jewish Rabbies (spelling?) on his walls. Then he asked us to sing a hymn. Hna Hymas still doesn´t know the songs in Spanish, so we sang I am a child of God in English. After that, he said, ¨My turn.¨ He started to sing a song in Hebrew for us right there in the door! It sounded cool, but it was really kind of weird ha. We (well the hermanas in the area) have a date to go back to teach him, so maybe they´ll get to teach him more!

This week in our area with Hna Rodriguez was a little slow, but still fun. We actually had a lot of success finding a bunch of new people, but it was a little discouraging when no one came to church yesterday. The past month a lot of our investigators were baptized, which is awesome, but now we need all new people. It´s been a little slow but fun with the exchanges and all.

Well I love you guys so much!! Thanks for writing. Hope you´re having fun there in the freezing cold of Utah. It´s super duper hot here actually, a little bit of snow would be nice! Love you guys!! Until next week!

Love, Hermana Anderson

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