Thursday, December 26, 2013

Feliz Navidad

     Hey there! FELIZ NAVIDAD!! This isn´t going to be a very long letter cause I want to tell you about this week in person when I talk to you on Wednesday!! This week was a good one! Maria was baptized and confirmed and her whole family came. They are all Catholic, so it was interesting, but neat. I will tell you more about it when we talk. Also remind me to tell you about our mission Christmas party that we had on friday. I´ll send some pictures of the happenings of this week. Love you guys so much and can´t wait to talk to you all!! See you soon!
     Just wanted to share a thought I had this morning actually in my personal study... Joseph Smith, along with some of the early saints, formed Zion´s camp in 1834 in order to go from Kirtland to Missouri to help the saints that were facing persecution there. By all appearances the camp appeared a failure, but the Lord revealed in DyC 105 his reasons for the camp. The prophet Joseph said, we were never meant to go and fight in Missouri. The point was that the Lord wanted to see if the men were worthy, obedient and faithful priesthood holders. A bunch of men from Zion´s camp ended up becoming leaders in the church in later years. I applied Zion´s camp to the mission. At times we feel like we´re not accomplishing a lot, but the Lord´s purposes are different than ours. The mission is to try us, to see if we´ll be faithful to the commandments, and to prepare us to become leaders in the future. 

Hope that made sense! Love you guys so much!! Have a wonderful Christmas eve and I´ll see you soon! Chau! 

Love, Hermana Anderson
Mission Christmas party

Mission Christmas party

Maria's baptism

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