Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hippy Farms and Adventures of the Sort

    Hola familia! First of all, FELIZ CUMPLEANOS Colton!! I can´t believe you´re turning 14 today! I hope you do something crazy cool and fun. Maybe watch Nacho Libre or go to that trampoline place in Kaysville, I don´t remember what it´s called ha. I love you bud!! Keep practicing spanish so that we can talk when I get back!
     Well yesterday we had the funnest P day I´ve had in a while. Each month we get a P day where we can leave the mission, and yesterday we drove an hour to Chancay and played baseball and football americano on the beach! We found another zone in our mission there too by coincidence and ate lunch with them. We also explored some caves and visited a ¨hippy farm¨ where a community of people live who grow their own food, don´t use technology... it was pretty interesting. We took a tour of their hare krisha temple and had to take off our shoes to walk around, but it was cool!

     This week we´ve had a great week with our investigators. Remember I told you about Maria Fernanda? The little girl who is 9 and her parents are less active? Well her mom told us that she wants Maria to be baptized THIS saturday, so we had to talk to the bishop and at first he was a little hesitant. Apparently a few things have passed between him and Maria´s dad, so there´s a little contention there. He said that it was ok for Maria to be baptized, but we have to wait for Sunday for Maria´s confirmation. That´s what normally happens, but Maria´s parents wanted it to be this saturday, the same day as her baptism. I think it´s because her parents, especially her dad, don´t want to attend church. We want the confidence of the bishop but we want to help Maria´s family too, so it´s been a little bit stressful this week. If all goes well Maria will be baptized this week by Elder Chatwin in our zone and confirmed on Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed! But more importantly, pray!!

     We had a lesson with Gustavo this week and read with him in Enos. We were talking about repentance when he looked at us and said that it was really hard for him to talk and read about repentance. So... we set up an interview with him and Elder Tuesta, our district leader. I don´t know if it was more the spirit telling me that Gustavo needed more help, or just that I didn´t know what else to do! After, Elder Tuesta told us that yes, Gustavo will need some more time and preparation, but he´s confident that in January he will be baptized. I felt so relieved! Now we know how to best help Gustavo prepare for baptism. Sometimes people need more time, but it´s all according to God´s timing. I´m learning so much more how to follow the spirit and rely on God´s will.
     Welp I think that´s it for this week! It looks like you guys had a fun Thanksgiving! It´s weird, it doesn´t feel like December at all cause it´s now pretty hot these days. Enjoy the snow! I love you guys SOOO much!! Thanks for always writing. This last week I read the talk in the September Ensign called something like, ¨The Grace of Christ is sufficient.¨ It is amazing and you should read it when you can. Love and miss you guys!! chau!

Love, Hermana Anderson

Chancay Peru


Beach in Chancay

Hippy farm in Chancay
Hippy farm

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