Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Vos sos lo maximo

     Hola familia! We had transfers this last week on Tuesday and my I received my new hijita! She is Hermana Aguero from ARGENTINA!! She is from the provincia of San Luis, which is like 12 hours from Buenos Aires but in the mission Mendoza where Courtney is! Don´t worry, I´ve probably brought up the fact with her that my dad served in Buenos Aires, that multiple friends of mine have served or are serving in Argentina like 100 times already. She was only in the MTC here for 2 weeks, so still has her really strong Argentine accent. And she speaks in ¨vos¨ which really got me confused at first ha. I´ve been thinking about dad this whole week cause I´ve been dying to tell you! She says pucha all the time, and che, and a whole bunch of words that I´m trying to learn. What happened is that we were sitting at the reunion for transfers and all the newbies were sitting up on the stage. President Borg always presents the new missionaries, and he told us that two of the hermanas were from Argentina. I was like one of them has got to be mine! Ha and when Hermana Aguero´s picture showed up on the screen I was ¨re feliz¨! She´s super cute and wants to work hard, so I think we´re gonna have a fun, successful three months together. She doesn´t speak a lick of English, but wants to learn, so that´s good ha.
     Basically I´ve just been waiting all week to tell you guys that. I was sad to see Hermana herndandez, buzan and seclen leave, but this is a new phase of my mission that I´m excited to start! Being a trainer is a lot different than I thought. I didn´t expect all this responsibility! Before when we were in a lesson and I didn´t know what to say I could just look at my companion and she would take over, but now when my companion looks at me with a blank stare I have to be in charge! Even when Hermana Aguero is talking about her family or her town she looks at me to see if she´s saying everything okay. Like she really is a little kid and I¨m her mom! It´s a new responsibilty, but I love it and all the things I´m already learning. 
      Right now we have three investigators preparing for baptism... Hermano Quesada, Gustavo, and Maria Fernanda. Maria Fernanda is new, well kinda. Her parents are menos activo so haven´t been super supportive in Maria Fernanda´s baptism. She is 9 and so can be baptized, but just hasn´t had a lot of support from her parents. Her baptism is programmed for the 14 of December, so we´ll see what happens! We´re going to go with our district leaders next week to teach her. She has fear of the water in the baptismal font, so we thought it would be good if she met the elders to get more confidence in them. She´s super cute and I´m excited for her!
     We are having a hard time finding gustavo cause he just started a new job. He hasn´t come to church the last 2 weeks, but we´re not letting that stop us. We´ve been staying in contact with him through text messages and phone calls, and one night we gave him the assignment to read Enos 1. He told us that in the moment he received our text he just happened to have the book of mormon in his hands. It was cool to see the spirit working through us! Gustavo is super ready for baptism, we just need to find him! I know that everything will work out if we´re obedient and keep working hard!
     It´s not possible to write everything that happens here in the mission. SO many things happen everyday! But just know that I am loving it here! The weather is starting to warm up and the cucarachas and coming out. The other night we had to kill a couple in our room, but we´re just thankful it was only a couple! I love you guys so much and miss you! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Eat lots for me! Tell the family I say hello and love them all. Have a great week. Chau!

Love, Hermana Anderson

With mi hija at cambios!
Hna aguero eating her first mango ever

Typical dinner - fish, rice and salad

The park in front of our house

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