Monday, November 11, 2013

There can be miracles when you believe

   Ollo! Well this has been another greet week for us here in Las Brisas. I am having fun and learning a lot here.
     On Tuesday we did a service project at an orphanage and helped clean the gardens there. We raked up bushes and weeds and chopped down trees with machetes. It was actually pretty fun! The little kids were in their classes so we didn't get to play with them. They did come out for a second though so we got to see them. It was sad, but I'm glad that at least we could do something to help!
     On Wednesday in our district meeting we had a cool activity that we did as a zone. We split up into different companions.. I was with an Hermana Suqui... and we went out into the streets of Lima with two books of Mormon with the challenge to place them both, give two baptismal invitations, and return with someone with a baptismal date! Hna. Suqui and I were in a market, so we headed to a random fruit stand and talked with the people working there. They were husband and wife, so we gave them a book of Mormon, talked to them about their beliefs, and they told us that they were really interested. We invited them to baptism right then and there, and they both accepted fechas!! The thing is that they don't live in our area, but that's still cool for the elders that work in the area ha. I know that the Lord is preparing people everywhere, and we just have to have the faith to look for them! There are miracles in the mission field.
     We also had a great lesson with Gustavo this week. We had planned to talk to him about fe, and when we got to his house he told us that his friend had given him the "Finding Faith in Christ" video, and that faith had been something on his mind lately. The spirit knows what these people need to hear! Gustavo told us that he has no doubt in his mind that he wants to be Mormon. He just needs to pass his interview now and can be baptized. He has a really strong testimony and is willing to follow Christ.
     We have surprise interviews with President Borg tomorrow as a zone. After that we're going to the TEMPLE!! I am SO excited for the temple! I will take lots of pictures, cause with any luck we'll have some sun. 
     I'm glad to hear that Court's finally gonna get her patriarchal blessing! I know it will really help you. I love you guys so much and miss ya! Hope you're doing fun things as a family.Thanks for always writing. Cuidese!!

Love, Hermana Anderson

 pics: working in the orphanage. Yo con hermana Nunez and Hna Wolfgramm
 all the YW and YM in our stake danced tradicional dances in a big activity. This is our ward!
This is right outside our apartment. Just to show that the sun does exist here!

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