Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tender mercies of the Lord

     Greetings loved ones! It is so good to hear from you all!! I am SO excited that Courtney got accepted to UVU!! That makes me so happy! What did you guys end up doing for Colton´s B day? Anything fun?
     Well I got to be honest-- this week was full of ups and downs and had some really stressful points. I was basically worried about 2 things. 1) The baptism of Maria Fernanda and 2) President Borg emailed us all and told us that we would be getting a training from Elder Waddell of the Seventy! What´s more is that we had to prepare a 5 minute lesson on the importance of prayer in conversion to teach in front of everyone including Elder Waddell! So I was a little worried about finding time to prepare a little message about prayer. The night before the training the asistants called us and told me that Elder Waddell had chosen a few people to come in early for personal interviews, and I had been picked for an interview!! I was supposed to come with a doctrinal question in mind to ask him. So of course that night I was just laying in bed thinking about a million questions I could ask a general authority. My interview with him was so awesome!! He answered a lot of questions I had without me even asking them. He also served in Spain so his accent made me really happy haha. Here are just a few things that he mentioned in the training:
  • knowing without acting is condemnation. Knowing and acting on what we know is exaltacion.
  • Operative Relevance: When something has enough significance in our lives that it operates the way we act. For example the first vision: Does it have enough importance in our lives that we let it influence the way we act?
  • There is no mission culture. There is only the Lord´s culture, because this is His mission and I was invited to come. The rules are not an option.
  • There are ends and medios (I can´t think of the word in English! Help hah!) in the mission. Our end is that all of our converts enter the temple and are sealed.
There are so many things that he said but I don´t have time today to write everything. I learned a lot and we´ve been trying to apply everything this last week and this week. 
     Maria was going to be baptized Saturday but her mom called us Friday night and said she was sick. We went with an hermano to give her a blessing, and left the rest in the Lord´s hands. She is feeling a little better so with any luck will be baptized this Saturday!! I know there´s a reason we needed to wait, even though I may not understand why.
     Welp sorry I´m short on time, but I love you all and am SOO excited to talk to you CHRISTMAS DAY!! Where will Christmas be this year for you guys? You are allowed to call us for 5 minutes before in order to confirm when we´re gonna talk (can´t talk in English baha). I´ll give you my number and stuff next week!! Love you guys sooo much!! Sorry I don´t have much time this week. Love you! Talk to you next week!

Love, Hermana Anderson
San Cristobal

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