Monday, December 16, 2013

Great Week!

     Buenos Dias! This week was super great for us here in ¨the breezes.¨ Our mission motto lately has been ¨creer in milagros,¨ which means believe in miracles. In our training meeting with Elder Waddell he said that he liked our motto, but that maybe just as important in believing in miracles is ¨crear milagros,¨ or create miracles! This week as a zone we decided to put this into practice. As a zone President gave us the goal of 13 baptisms in the month of December. We also took on the goal of 15 baptismal invitations this week per companionship. We reached the goal and even went beyond! This week Hna Aguero and I had lots of cool experiences with invitations.
     First, we were able to put a date with Gustavo! He kept putting off a date because he said he wanted to be baptized next year in order to start the year off right. He finally accepted for Saturday the 4th of January! He is so ready and I´m so excited for him!! 
     Do you remember Hno. Quesada? Our investigator who is 82? We´ve just been waiting on his son to have an interview with the bishop to be able to baptize his dad, and yesterday he finally had his interview! At church yesterday his son, Aldo, came up to us and asked us what day his dad could be baptized! They accepted the 28th of December! Aldo also told us that he has a 16 year old niece that he would like to baptized as well. Apparently she was hearing the missions before and wanted to be baptized, but wanted her uncle Aldo to be able to baptize her. In one week we went from having one person with a baptismal date to 3, maybe even 4!! I know that faith, obedience and diligence create miracles, because these things invite the spirit, and the spirit is what creates miracles.
     We had our ward Christmas activity this weekend and it went great! We had a talent show, so our whole zone came to perform a talent for the ward. Our Christmas party with the whole mission is this Friday, and there we are going to have a ¨bottle band.¨ We are going to play Jingle Bells and Rudolph in empty coke bottles. We performed for our ward this weekend to practice and it sounded really cool! It was pretty funny and the ward loved it. We also sang some Christmas songs in English, so that was fun. Our ward is amazing!!! We have so much support from the members. At the activity one of our new investigators named Angel came and the members just flocked to him. At the party I was talking to Angel telling him about the mission and how we put everything aside for a year and a half or two years to serve the Lord. He said, ¨Wow, that must be really hard.¨ But then he thought for a minute and told me, ¨But the path of Christ isn´t easy is it?¨ What he said reminded me that even though the mission can be hard and even frustrating, we are walking the path of Christ. It was never easy for him, so why would it be easy for us! I´m glad for that little reminder from Angel.
     Welp I´m super excited to talk to you guys Christmas Day!!! I can´t wait!! I hope everything´s going well at home. I love you and miss you all. See you soon!!

Love, Hermana Anderson 

ward christmas party
last week with Elder Waddell!

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