Tuesday, June 4, 2013

La Legua Peru, June 3, 2013 (12)

 Across the street from my apartment
     Hola familia! Sorry that I didn´t write yesterday, but we have cambios today so Hermana Seclen wanted to say goodbye to lots of people and we didn´t have time to write yesterday. Hna Seclen has been here in La Legua for 7 months so she had lots of people to say goodbye to. I am staying here with Hna Rodriguez who is going to finish my training! I get along really well with Hna Rodriguez, and I love love love the people here so I´m glad I get to stay for at least another transfer. AND I´m so excited for today because everyone in the mission is getting together for cambios, so that means I get to see Hna Bejarano, my friend from the MTC, and Hna Suqui and Kimes, who I was with my first day here. ALSO, Hna Madsen and Elder Fankhauser from my MTC district are here in Peru!! President told me at our multizone conference on Tuesday that they would be here for cambios, and I´m sooo excited to see them!! I think that Hna Madsen just got here last night. Today is going to be a great day!!
     I don´t have a lot of time to write, but there are a few things about this week that I want to tell you. On Tuesday we had a multizone conference and Elder Andersen from the Seventy came and talked to us. We watched the video about John Tanner and how we need to keep an eye single to the glory of God. Everything about this work should be focused on Christ! I was reminded that my thoughts need to be centered on my purpose here, on helping people come unto Christ.
     Yesterday we went to the Plaza de Gobierna to buy a maleta for Hna Seclen. For breakfast we had bread with fried platanos and a smoothie with papaya, platano y eggs. For lunch we went out with some Elders and ate Jalea. It was a HUGE plate of all different kinds of fried seafood. It was way good! Then, at the next house, we had alfajors and some kind of puddingish cake. Then, we went out to eat with a member named Titi. He is a way cool guy. He´s in a wheel chair, because he can´t use his arms or his legs, but is always so positivie. But we ate pollo con french fries and coca cola with him. I was so full! Then, we went to another house for a noche de hogar and ate rice, french fries, and chicken. We drank this purple juice that is made from purple corn, which sounds weird but I actually love it! I don´t think I´ve ever felt so full of food in my entire life! Oh man haha.
     Sorry I don´t really have time to answer your questions about everything, but next week when everything gets back to normal I will. I love you all and you have no idea how much I love getting your emails!! I always feel so awesome after I read them. Hope everything´s going well at home! I am keeping you all in my prayers. Chau!
Carinos, Hna Anderson

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