Wednesday, June 12, 2013

La Legua Peru, June 10, 2013 (13)

Hola todas! Wow I have so much to write about! First of all, yes dad, I did see Elder Miner, that Elder that we were stalking before at the Zone conference and at transfers, but I didn´t say anything to him. I didn´t know how to say anything without sounding like a complete stalker ha.
Group that I play volleyball with.  Far left is Melany, Emely (a new investigator) next to her and middle front is Joselyn.  Hermana Roriguez on the right.
We had transfers on Tuesday and it was a mix of emotions. I was so so happy to see Hna Madsen!! We saw each other and just ran and hugged each other! I was also super happy to see Elder Fankhauser! It´s been such a long time since I´ve seen my MTC buddies. I also saw my friend Andrea Ocampo who was in my freshman ward at BYU. We both forgot that we were in the same mission, so it was cool to see her. So I am still here in La Legua with Hna Rodriguez. Hna Seclen left to another area so Hna Rodriguez is my trainer now, and she has just a little more time than me in the mission, but she has been great! We get along so well! So at transfers there are two stakes that are transferring to the Lima East mission, and Hna Obrigawitch who was the other gringa here with me is leaving for the other mission! We were all kinda bummed that she is leaving. And Hna Ocampo is her compaion so she is also leaving the mission and I won´t get to see her either! We know that they´re where the Lord wants them to be though. Hna Madsen is now companions with Hna Suqui, one of the sisters that I was with my first day in Lince. So that´s pretty cool!
So Hna Rodriguez and I have had a pretty good first week. It´s kinda funny, cause I thought with Hna Seclen gone I would feel more pressure with just two of us, but it´s just like that quote from Spiderman, but opposite... ¨With great responsibility, comes great power!¨ The Lord qualifies those whom he calls, and he´s going to strengthen us in the work. Hna Rodriguez y yo were kinda glum on Saturday because one of our investigators named Amador was going to be baptized on the 15th, but we went over to his house and he told us he doesn´t feel ready. We are working with him still and hopefully he can build up his testimony of the Book of Mormon, cause he said he hasn´t really read it. But on Sunday we were super excited cause three of our investigators came to church! And we have several new investigators that we are excited about. I love being a missionary!!
One day this week we went with Joselyn to the house of the relief society president to get some new clothes for Joselyn. We walked into the Hermana´s house and Joselyn was in heaven! Hna Meche´s house is a little nicer cause it has painted walls and a tile floor, and Joselyn spread out her arms and was twirling around and was SO happy! I thought to myself, I am never going to complain about a crummy BYU apartment ever again!

Area next to mine called San Martin
To answer a few of your questions, our apartment is actually pretty nice. Sisters get nicer things here ha. Our showers are usually cold, but it´s all good ha. There are dogs everywhere. Some days Spanish comes easier than others, and some days people compliment me on my Spanish which makes me happy! Some days it´s just a completely different language when people talk to me. Oh, and the new sister that replaced Hna Obrigawitch here is named Hna De La Nieves. She is from Uruguay and her accent is crazy. But she´s great.
Well I love you all sooo much!! Thanks for the letters and the Birthday Wishes!! I am so excited for Kenzy!! She´s going to be an amazing missionary! Whenever I show people the picture of our family everyone says that mom looks really young and that Courtney is older than me. Love you guys!! Chaufa!
Hermana Seclen and me with Titi.  He has no use of his arms or legs but is super positive.

For breakfast we drink a lot of tea like drinks.  It reminds me of mate.

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