Tuesday, June 18, 2013

La Legua Peru, June 17, 2013 (14)

     Hola todas! First of all, Feliz Dia de Papa dad!! Te amo mucho! Sorry I didn´t write yesterday. For P day we went as a zone to Chancay, a little town en la playa. We played futbol on the beach, and I´m not gonna lie, futbol is fun! At least that game was ha. We had fresh ceviche and Inca Kola and it was super good. For P day last week we went to a water park called, very originally, Parque de las Aguas. The park is really a bunch of fountains that you pay to go play in, so we ran around in the fountains for a while then rode home in a bus soaking wet. Our last two P days have been with the zone, so they have been way fun!!
     Last week we had Interpol, so we went to the mission office and met up with other new missonaries to go do a bunch of paperwork. The good thing about our mission being so small is that I got to see Hna Madsen, Elder Fankhauser, Hna Bejarano, y Elder Thomas again! We went over to a capilla b y the CCM and had our teeth checked and fingerprints done. We are gonna have to go back sometime to do Immigrations, and they said that would take all day. Fun stuff!
     We had a super funny lesson a few days ago with a reference named Carlos. Carlos is probably about 60 years old. First of all when we walked in we walked through a cloud of incense burning by the door and I had no idea what we were breathing. Then we sat down and Carlos starting speaking English words in sentences that didn´t make any sense, so I just laughed cause he was laughing. We were talking and we told him that we serve for 18 months. He said, ¨Do you know what 8 plus 1 is? 9, that´s right. How old was Christ when he died? 33. What do you get when you multiply 3 and 3? 9, that´s right.¨Ha and also, ¨Do you know how many bones are in the spinal column? 33, that´s right. And what happens if you break your spinal column? Yes that´s right, you die.¨Ha he was hilarious just telling us random facts about numbers. He reminded me of the dad on that movie about a big fat greek wedding. Everything is Greek. Haha.
     Last night we had a family home evening con the Bishop and his wife. We watched a Mormon message from Elder Holland where he talks about no matter how hard life my seem, better things will come. The Bishop´s wife said that those hard things in life are our mirror. When hard things come it´s a chance for us to see how our relationship is with the Savior. It made me think when I go through hard times who do I turn to first? I really love the message to just keep moving forward, and all things will work together for our good.
     In our meeting with the ward mission leader this week he told us something that I´ve been thinking about all week. He said that here in the mission we have the opportunity and power as missionaries to promise people specific blessings. He said that as representatives of Jesus Christ, we have the power to promise blessings, and no other time in our life probably are we going to have that same power. It really struck me that I need to be worthy to be able to promise those blessings. And it gave me a greater vision of my responsiblity as a missionary.
     Thanks again for the birthday wishes! My birthday was great!! I got two cakes ha, one was tres leches and one was chocolate. I´m glad that even though I couldn´t be with you guys on my birthday, I got to be with friends and people that I care about. I´ve realized lately that life is so much easier when we count our blessings!! The mission, and just life in general. I love being a missionary! I´m just happy. I´ll get over it I´m sure :)
Hna. Anderson

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