Wednesday, May 29, 2013

La Legua Peru, May 27, 2013 (11)

   Hola mi familia! This last week here in La Legua has been a good one. On Tuesday last week we went to the temple in Lima and that was a really cool experience. The temple is small but beautiful! It was cool to go through the temple in Spanish. It made me realize that the Spirit can break language barriers, and it made me realize that if I´m doing the things I´m supposed to and working hard, then the Spirit will take the words I´m trying to say in Spanish and carry them into the hearts of the people I´m teaching. The Spirit speaks every language!
   A girl named Melany who is fourteen was baptized on Wednesday! She is awesome! It took three tries for her baptism to be valid. The first time her toe came out of the water and then the elder baptizing her said her middle name wrong. But after that Melany bore her testimony and said she felt the Spirit so strong and she felt clean, and that´s all that matters. She´s the cutest girl! She loves Justin Bieber, so that makes her even cooler. We are still teaching her mom, she says she´s not ready to be baptized yet. I think that Melany will be a great example and help to her.
   Sunday morning we saw Abdul, a little ten year old boy who was baptized my first day here, riding in a taxi to get to church. When I was ten there´s no way I would have hopped in a taxi and gone by myself to church! Abdul is a rockstar. He has such a strong testimony. We are also teaching a nine year old girl named Joselyn who wants to be baptized, but her mom won´t let her. We are praying that the Lord will soften her mom´s heart and let her be baptized.
   I think that I am adjusting to life in Peru pretty well! I had a couple days this last week where I found myself missing things about America, but I reminded myself why I´m here and snapped out of it. I really do love it here! The other day for lunch we were eating at a menos activo´s home and her home decor of choice was, you guessed it, mannequins. She had all these mannequins in her living room and all around the table, so while I was eating my lunch there were two mannequins staring at me across the table. Haha pretty funny. I am not a huge fan of guys whistling at me and saying rude things, but what can you do. The other gringa here and I just laugh at them after we walk by.
    I ate papa rellena this last week which I loved!! It´s basically just a baked potato with meat and eggs inside with mayonaise on top. Basically every other meal is arroz con pollo. We haven´t crashed in a mototaxi yet, but I´m sure we will soon :)
    Love you guys!! Thank you so much for writing me! Mom, can you get the Jarman´s email? I want to write them back but don´t have their email! Handwritten letters would take to long to get to the States. And I don´t have anyone´s email really so you have to email me at jadena(at) This keyboard doesn´t have an at sign ha. I know that the Lord is in this work and he´s preparing people everywhere to accept and join the church. Peace and blessings everyone, peace and blessings :)
Lima Peru Temple

Jaden's apartment

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