Tuesday, May 21, 2013

La Legua Peru, May 20, 2013 (10)

     HEY!! So I guess you heard I´m in Peru? Well it´s true. I found out on Tuesday that my visa came, so Thursday I hopped on a plane and somehow made it here to Lima! My first few days here have been filled with new food, people, experiences... new everything! But I am really loving it here. I stayed at the mission home for two nights and just soaked it in, it was really nice in the misson home. That first night I stared out my window cause we were up super high and I just looked out at the city and couldn´t believe that I was actually here! That picture that was sent to you with the two hermanas was just my first day here and that was just for the day. I was in an area called Luince and it was basically like New York City but Peru style. Vans drive around full of people and a guy yells out the window where the bus is going, and if you want to ride the van you have to yell at it or wave your hand like crazy and then jump on. That first day with the hermanas I tried Inca Cola and it´s way good! It does indeed taste like bubblegum just like everyone says. Everyday for every meal except for one I´ve eaten chicken, rice and potatoes. The food is good! There´s all these fruits that I´ve never heard of and I love them.
     Ok, so for the past few days I´ve been in Callao! I think we´re in a suburb actually called La Legua. Before coming here I heard that Callao was like the ghetto, but I don´t really have anything else to compare it to, so I don´t know ha. I am in a trio with Hna Rodriguez from Mexico and Hna Seclen from Trujillo. They´re both native Spanish speakers and only speak Spanish, so it´s been kinda hard but also awesome cause I can tell it´s already helping me with my Spanish. They´re both so cute and have been really helpful with everything. They know a few English words and always say oh my gosh and oh my goodness and careful, they´re pretty funny ha. The people here are so super nice! The members have all been very welcoming. It is kind of frustrating to have everyone stare at me on the street because of my white skin and blonde hair. I stick out just a little bit. When people see me they like to yell out any English word they know, which is usually just hello or something, but sometimes they´re not good words ha. On Sunday we went to visit the young men, and when I walked in they started asking me in English if I liked rock music like Guns and Roses. I didn´t want to disappoint them so I just said yes. There is another gringa hermana here named Hna. Obrigawitch. She is from California and was majoring in English too, so we decided we want to try and teach an English class here. We met one family last night who started singing Bruno Mars to me and asking me if I knew all his songs! I told them about the English class idea and they were so excited about it! They have a little girl about 6 years old, and she knew every word to his songs. I think that she´s convinced that I´m going to help her meet Bruno Mars or something ha. But their family is awesome!
     Here in Callao we get around either by walking or riding in mototaxis. Have you seen pictures of those? When I ride in mototaxis I feel like I am inside Mario Kart, but somehow we don´t run into anything. When I first got here I felt like Chevy Chase about to jump into the pool saying this is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy!! Already though some things are starting to be normal. I´ve never been kissed by so many random people in my life!  My first night here I met a crazy old man who is a recent convert, and he kept trying to kiss me and he kept taking picutres of me on his phone. Haha I love this place! It´s so funny and crazy, but I love it already.
     I know you´re all dying to see pictures, but I don´t have a cord yet to send any to you, but next week I will send a bunch! I love you all so much! Keep writing! 
     Oh, and Spencer told me that Erik is going to work at Happijac when he comes home next week?? Why didn´t any of you work there when I was there?! Anyway, I love you all! Take care!

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