Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday April 3, 2013 (week 3)

Que pasa calabaza?! That literally means what's up pumpkin. It doesn't make sense but it sounds funny :)
     Hola familia! So I think you should just be able to copy and paste the blog url into that status box in facebook. Hopefully that works. Thanks for all your letters! You guys are the best. And thanks for the Easter package!! I loved the card ha, you guys are so funny. I hope your Easter was good! Mine was awesome. We had a MTC-wide Sacrament meeting with 3,000 missionaries and Bishop Causse of the presiding bishopric came and spoke to us. It was a really good talk. We sang Christ the Lord is Risen Today too, and I busted up laughing as soon as they announced we were singing it. Then I realized I probably shouldn't have done that ha. I'm so glad you guys were cracking up too! I was smiling during the whole song trying to be mature ha. Anyways, Sunday night Sheri Dew came and spoke to us in a devotional. She talked about the Atonement and ways that Satan can try to throw us off track. She said as long as we know who our Savior is, know who we are, and know how to recognize the Spirit, then we'd be able to overcome anything. It was a great Easter focused on the Savior.
     So we still haven't heard anything new about visas. One hermana in another district who was supposed to go to Peru got reassiged to Alabama! So maybe I will get to go to Delaware after all! Or maybe even Maine ;) Our branch president, President Nelson, said there's still a bunch of stuff we have to do once we get to Peru, but most missionaries do all that while they're in the MTC. So, we're just going on faith right now and praying that wherever we go we'll be able to love the people and represent the Lord.
     Mom, you asked what our daily schedule is like. We wake up at 6:30 or a little earlier and then have to be in our classroom for personal study at 7. Personal study lasts for an hour, then we go to breakfast. After that it depends on what day of the week it is. Sometimes we have three hours of class in the morning and another three hours at night after dinner. Sometimes we don't have our six hours of class til evening and it's split up by dinner. During the day we do language study on our own and on the computer. We have gym everyday and we play basketball, four square, volleyball, or we go running on the track. Tuesday nights we have devotional and choir... choir is one of my favorite things here! Our choir teacher, Brother Eggett, sounds and looks just like Brian Reagan! He's hilarious. We always have a mini devotional with him during choir where he'll share a clip of a talk or just inspire us with scripture or stories about Joseph Smith. He's great. I always feel the spirit when I sing in the choir. Maybe it's also because I miss music a lot ha. Oh, if you want a good cry go watch a whole bunch of mormon messages on Last Sunday us sisters sat on the computers while the elders were in meetings and we just watched mormon messages for 2 hours. Haha we were all bawling. It was pretty great. They're all so good though!
     All of our elders are sick right now so we've been trying hard not to get sick too. Hermana Giles and Hna. Madsen both are sick and Hna. Johnson and I are still feeling ok. I'm pretty sure we're doomed though cause we sit in the same room together for hours straight, so it won't be long til we catch something. We're praying though! Last Wednesday Sister Cassidy Carr came in and it was so good to see her! She lives on my same floor so I get to see her a lot. I also saw Melissa Hadfield, Amanda Ricks, and I finally saw Hna. Cox on Sunday during the devotional. I saw her across the gym and smacked my comp on the arm and without thinking said "I'll be right back!" Hna. Madsen said "No you won't!" so she ran after me and I got Courtney's attention and it was great. I love seeing friendly faces here! Seeing someone you know is the best. Sorry that story was anti climatic ha, but it was happy for us.
     Well I think that's it! I love you guys! Keep sending me dear elders!! I like getting letters throughout the week rather than trying to read a whole bunch on P-day. Thanks so much for everything. Vaya con Dios! :)
Love, Hna. Anderson
P.S. The attached picture is of me and Hna. Madsen on Easter Sunday. Her mom sent us gummy candy that looks like teeth, along with a whole lot of other candy to make Easter baskets. We also made name cards for our district. You can tell how creative I got with mine ha

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