Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 (week 5)

Hola familia! I can't believe it's been another week! Time flies by here, but it's been another great week here. You know on the movie Holes when Stanley writes home to his family and tells them how awesome Camp Greenlake is, when really it's terrible and nothing he writes is true? Well that's not what it's like here ha. I promise I am having so much fun and working hard here! We're all pretty anxious about our Visas still though. When Elder Carbee got his we were all thinking we'd leave the next day, but it hasn't turned out that way. There is good news and bad news about our Visas. We talked to the travel office this morning and they said they're hopeful that our Visas will get here soon, but that means they're going to hold us here an extra week probably while we wait for them. So, instead of leaving next Wednesday we'll probably be here an extra week if our Visas don't come. I'll keep ya posted though. I seriously love my district so much, I wish you could meet every single one of them! It makes it easier to be here longer with such a fun district and awesome teachers. I got kind of sad the other day thinking that I won't be with my district my whole mission. But it's just going to get better in Peru! I know I'll probably feel the same way about the people in Peru.
Everyday feels like a week here ha. It's hard for me to remember what I've told you about already.... Yesterday before our Tuesday devotional we were kinda bummed that we didn't get to hear from any apostles. Apparently it's been a couple months since one has come. But we were sitting there in our choir seats when Elder Richard G. Scott comes in! We were so excited! We sang "Nearer My God to Thee" in the choir and it was so cool to sing with Elder Scott there. Our choir teacher Brother Eggett who is like one of my favorite people ever told us the story behind that song. The song was written about Jacob when he was in the wilderness, and the heavens opened and he saw a ladder going up into heaven. I had no idea that song was about that! Whenever I thought about that song I just felt sad cause it reminded me of the movie Titanic ha. Now I think it's such a pretty song and I love it! During choir practice Brother Eggett taught us that trials can either make us bitter or better. I really liked that thought. He also talked about how we are the metal and trials are the fire. The fiery trials we go through harden (strengthen) us, purify us, and make us malleable and teachable. I learn so much and feel the Spirit so strongly just by going to choir. Elder Scott talked about prayer, and how important it is to say prayers of gratitude. He also talked about how cool it is that the all-knowing, all-powerful being wants us to talk with him as our Father. He wants us to tell him about everything going on in our lives, and it's not because he doesn't know, because he knows everything. It's just because he loves us! Saying sincere prayers is something I want to be better at. Elder Scott talked directly to those of us learning a language, and he said it doesn't matter if our words are clumsy, Heavenly Father knows what we're trying to say. He also kept repeating to the sisters how important our mission is, and how it's going to bless us for the rest of our lives. He gave us an apostolic of peace, that we'd have the Lord on our side, and that we'd be able to learn the language. It was a way good devotional!
It's been pretty exciting for Hna. Madsen and I teaching one of our investigators this week named Jhonatan. I was feeling like we weren't really getting through to him, and I was so worried about me, me, me. We invited Jhonatan to watch conference, and then when we met with him after conference he told us that he loved conference, read el Libro de Mormon, and wanted to know more. We were like... YES!! It was so cool to see that change in him when he read the Book of Mormon and prayed to know for himself. It bore testimony to me of the power of the Book of Mormon, and how essential it is to teach with the Spirit. We continued teaching Jhonatan about faith in Alma 32, and he really liked reading Alma 36 when Alma talks about being lifted up in his trials and trusting in the Lord. The Spirit was so strong and I just felt like it was right, so I invited him to be baptized and he said yes! Even though we're really teaching Hno. Rockwood, it felt so real and the Spirit was really there. It was such a cool experience. I learned that the spirit is the teacher and we really have nothing to do with it. Our job is just to create the right environment and invite them to come unto Christ. In our last lesson with Jhonatan we were talking to him about how he can prepare himself for baptism. Hna. Madsen wanted him to read Mosiah 18, but didn't have anything to write on, so she wrote on a square of toilet paper that she had in her pocket (we're all still a little sick) and handed it to him. Jhonatan (Hno. Rockwood) just smiled and said, "Wow, always prepared Hna. Madsen!" It was pretty great haha.
We've gotten to be pro speed walkers here at the MTC. Hna. Johnson even rivals my roomie Keara with her speed walking skills ha. There's always somewhere to be and something to do, but I love it. Are you still putting these letters on the blog? I was just wondering cause I know finals at BYU are almost over and people are leaving Provo. I'm sending some letters today so hopefully they get to you all in Provo. If not and you move back home, you can email me at They let us email friends and give us an hour now. Please keep sending dear elders!! I love hearing from you all! I'm getting over my sickness and feel much better now thankfully. Tomorrow we have in-field orientation almost all day long. They teach us how to be safe and things like keeping records and stuff. Ha wow sorry not detailed at all, but I don't really know for sure what we do. Well I love you guys so so so much! Mom, dad, thank you so much for everything! Write me letters. Hope everything's good at home!
Con amor, Hna. Anderson  

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