Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday April 24, 2013 (week 6)

     Hey hey! It's crazy to think that one year ago today I was on a plane headed to London, and now I'm flying out to Peru! Oh wait... :) We were all expecting to be on our way to Lima today, but I found out this past week there's reasons we're still here. Or at least for me there were things that I needed to learn this week. On Monday one of our lessons with our investigator didn't go very well, and we were feeling kind of frustrated. We had a chat with our teacher afterward and he talked us through how we could have done better, and that was really helpful. I found a scripture in D&C 24:8 that I really liked. It says something like, "Be patient in afflictions, for thou shalt have many, but endure them, for I the Lord am with you, even until the end of your days." That verse was just what I needed to hear, and it made me realize that trials/problems that we go through are a part of life, and they're meant to help us learn and grow. I definitely learned a lot from that lesson! I'm glad that the Lord could help me learn from it. 
     Hermana Johnson came up with an analogy for our experience here in the MTC waiting for our Visas. She said it's like when you're living away from home at school, and your dad calls you and says, "Hey, come home this weekend. We're gonna go out for sushi!" So you get all excited for sushi and all week long you prepare for the weekend by getting all your homework done. You tell everyone you know that you're going home to eat sushi with your dad that weekend. So the weekend comes and you drive all the way home, but then when you get there your dad tells you, "Sorry, it's not gonna work out this weekend. We can't go get sushi tonight." At first you're totally bummed cause you wanted sushi, but then you realize something, and you tell your dad," Don't worry, it wasn't about the sushi. It was about coming home and hanging out with you." So, in this metaphor, Peru is the sushi. Even though going to Peru when we thought didn't work out, that wasn't the point of it anyway. The point was that we were going to see our dad and do what he wanted. And I trust that Heavenly Father has something good in store for me, even though it may not be sushi right this second. Hermana Johnson says it's because he's taking us to the carnival and then Disneyland first haha. Last night in our Tuesday Devotional Elder David F. Evans of the Seventy talked to us about Repentance, but at the beginning of his talk it felt like he was talking right to our district. He said, God will put you where he wants you. We gave up 24 or 18 months or our lives to serve the Lord, and it doesn't matter how or where we serve him. That was a good reminder to me that it's all in the Lord's hands. I know that we'll get to Peru eventually!   
     We've been able to do some fun things the past couple days. Yesterday the outdoor field opened up for the first time, so we got to go play softball!! It was such a nice day and it felt so good to be playing softball again! Our district played with another district in our zone and it was way fun. Just what I needed! For the past couple weeks we've gone up to the temple for lunch right before our temple time, because we decided that we needed a break from MTC food. The food at the temple is so good! Let's see, I also saw Sister Carrigan (Angela) the other day. She said she loved it here and that she's doing well, so be sure to pass that on to Janet, mom. Haha I can't believe Spencer is working at Happijac now!! That would be cool if he wrote me and told me how his first couple of days have been.... And please tell the Jarmans that I would love to hear from them! They can write me or email me, whichever way's easier for them. Is Sister Ensign in Kennewick already?? That's where my roommate Ali Brand is serving! I hope they run into each other!
     I love you all so much!! I can't tell you how much I love getting all of your letters. I look forward to mail time everyday :) Let me know how everything's going. Write me!!!
Con amor, Hermana Anderson :)

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