Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wednesday April 10, 2013 (week 4)

     Hola familia! Que pasa? This week has been another great one. Conference was soo great! I especially liked President Uchtdorf's talk Sunday morning and his talk during the YW session. I loved how he talked about the African saints singing in the dark. They used the dark for their own benefit instead of just sitting there waiting for things to be light and better again. All us sisters got to watch the YW session from last week while the elders watched Priesthood session. President Uchtdorf's talk during YW session was about how life is a journey that we're all on. He referenced Bilbo Baggins, so that made me really happy ha. He said when we were in the premortal existence we stood on the edge, looking down, knowing that what we were about to do would be extremely dificult, but that it'd be worth it. It also made me think of before my mission. I stood on the edge about ready to go understanding it would be hard, but also knowing it would be the best thing ever. It's been difficult sometimes but I've never been happier! It's like my mission is a completely different life, a totally different journey. But I'm so excited for it. Anyway, I also liked Elder Holland's talk Sunday afternoon. He's such a powerful speaker! I loved that Bible story of the father coming to Jesus and saying, "Lord, I believe. Help thou my unbelief." I liked how he said to admit your weaknesses and that it's ok to admit you don't know everything. Elder Kopishke's (sp?) talk was amazing too! He spoke Sunday afternoon I think. I love how he said that it's only the Lord's approval that matters. Thanks for sharing your notes with me dad! I liked President Packer's poem too. Elder Ballard's talk on the Priesthood was really good too. It was all good haha. It was a long two days though. Sunday night for our devotional vocal point came and sang for us. Vocal Point is a boys acapella group from BYU. Yes... acapella. I've heard them sing before, they're aca-awesome! :) And the first guy who started singing was Landon Paey! They sang a song called Noyana mixed with Come, come ye saints. Noyana is a zulu word that means "are you going?" It was a really cool song, especially mashed up with come come ye saints. The words are something like "Are you going to heaven? We are on the path. Are you going?" Being in the MTC has made me realize how much I love music! It's probably because we can't listen to our iPods here. When vocal point was singing I felt the spirit SO strongly, and I just felt so happy and peaceful. I realize now that music has a crazy strong influence for good or bad. Anyway, this last weekend was so good. It's the closest thing we've had to a weekend here, and it was way nice :) 
     So remember how I said our whole district is sick? I finally caught it too so I've been sick for the past few days. I've been trying to get better fast, cause one girl who came in was quarantined for like three days! When she came out she said we was kept in a room by herself with no scriptures, no clock, no nothing! I do not want that to happen to me, so I've been trying to get better, but it's hard cause we don't really have time for naps or anything. One of our roommates went home yesterday because she was having stomach problems and found out she has to have surgery on her gallbladder. Crazy! She'll go straight to Resistencia in about a month though, so that's good. A bunch of people going to Argentina got to meet with the Consulate yesterday about their Visas, so I think theirs should be coming soon. Yesterday at dinner Elder Carbee in our district got called up to the front desk and they gave him his Visa! He had to pack up everything last night and get on a bus this morning and ship out! He's going to Piura, but we're not sure if he's going straight there or going to the Lima MTC first. It doesn't even say! So now we're all stressing out a bit wondering when we'll all go, cause we could really be sent out any day! It's so exciting! I hope that I get to at least fly out with some people from my district, cause flying alone would be a little scary. If we get our Visas we're allowed to call home for five minutes from the front desk, so... always be by the phone? Ha no just kidding. But really. We have no idea when our Visas will get here! 
     We got a new district on Wednesday and when we went to say hello to them I saw Hna. Madison Coburn! She's my old roommate Krista's little sister! It's so cool that she's in my zone now. Hope everything at home is going well! Was Savannah able to go to Disneyland? Was Court in St. George this weekend? Is it bad that I thought of Nacho Libre when Elder Falabella was speaking? His talk was excellent by the way. Well I love you all so much! I'm loving my mission so far and I can't wait to get to Peru! Sorry I can't send pictures this week, the computers won't work today. Please keep sending me dear elders throughout the week!! Tell the whole extended family hi! Yo se que la iglesia es verdadera. Yo se que JesuCristo es mi salvador y redentor. Yo se que Thomas S. Monson es el profeta hoy.  
Con amor, Hna. Anderson

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