Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday March 27, 2013 (week 2)

     Hola familia! Como estan? So you got my letter about my yellow fever shot? Yeah that was lame, but at least I got it taken care of. Thanks so much for the bread mom!! I decided to be nice and share it with my district and we LOVED it! I've had a few people write me asking about my blog, so I was wondering if you've been putting the link on facebook? That would be great if you could! And I hope you've all been getting my letters! If you wrote me one I've at least written you back once, so hopefully they're getting to you! Also, Brynn asked me to send a package for her on Monday but I didn't get to it today. So, the package should get to Karina soon (I think that's who it's going to). It was sad saying godbye to Brynn again, but she was so ready and excited to go! She's gonna be amazing.
     I forgot to tell you a funny story that happened last week. We had only been here a few days when we left our keys in our room when we went to shower, so we got locked out of our room! We were standing in the hall just trying to figure out what to do, then I thought, oh yeah, we need to pray! So we prayed then our other district hermanas came walking into the residence hall and we asked them to go to the front desk and get a spare key for us. That night we taught Eduardo about prayer, so we mentioned how prayer had helped us out earlier and we know that God hears us. So that was cool! Speaking of Eduardo, we finished teaching him last week and we set a baptism date with him! Even though it wasn't real it was so exciting!! So the next day after we all finished teaching him he came walking into our classroom speaking English and saying "hi ya'll!" We were like.....what? You spoke English that whole time?! So Eduardo, who is really Hno. Bean, is now our teacher! We've got two teachers now, Hno. Rockwood and Hno. Bean. I like them both, but they've got a little different teaching styles. It was mega awkward with Hno. Bean at first cause he was still Eduardo to us. But it's all good now. He is now our new investigator, Jose. I'm afriad I'm going to forget and call him by the wrong name! And tomorrow we're teaching Hno. Rockwood who is pretending to be a guy named Jhonatan (yes that's spelled right). Hopefully I can remember all their names!
     Another cool experience I had was yesterday in the TRC. Yesterday was our first time with the TRC, and that's where you go and teach members who aren't pretending to be anybody but themselves. I absolutely loved it! First, we taught a lady named Sister Sandstrom. We were talking about the Spirit, so I had us turn to Joh
n 14 and we read the verse about how Christ's peace is different than the peace the world gives. Sister Sandstrom starting crying and told us that 6 years ago her daughter was killed in a car crash, and this scripture has always given her peace when she thinks of that. We both started crying then ha. It was so cool to realize that the Lord had worked through me to bring peace to this sister's life. I had no idea that that scripture meant that to her, but God did. It just reminded me that God knows and loves all of his children and he knows what we're going through. Next we taught a cute old couple named the Thompsons, and they served their missions in Bolivia and still knew Spanish. I was like, if they can do it, so can I :)
     Learning Spanish is going pretty well I think! I love learning it! I'm still working on pronunciation though, like with rolling my Rs and saying my "e"s right. My shoes are great, except my dorothy ruby red ones kind of hurt. The food here is actually pretty good! Some days it's better than others. I really like Wednesdays and Sundays because we get creamery ice cream. It's the One of the senior coordinators told us in the laundry room today that 375 sisters are coming in today! We heard also that 1,000 missionaries left this week! There's always so many people coming and going.
     In choir we are learning a song for next Sunday, because we're having a way cool Sacrament Meeting next Sunday. It's going to be a MTC-wide Sacrament meeting! We've been told that someone from the quorum of the twelve is going to speak to us, and he asksed us to sing "The Lord is My Shepherd," so we've been practicing for that. It's gonna be so cool!
     The pictures I attached are of my district on our Sunday temple walk. I love my district so much! We all get along and are like a family. I'll have to remember to ask Elder Fankhauser if any of his cousins or something played softball.
     Well I love you guys! Hope everything's going well back home! Have fun at Happijac mom. You'll get the hang of it. And I hope Courtney has fun in St. George! Keep writing me even if I can't write back that much. Love you and miss you!
Love, Hna. Anderson

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