Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Just Another Week in Paradise

     Hey family! This week went by pretty fast as usual. On Monday we went to Pres. and Hna Borg´s house for a family home evening with a married couple that we are teaching.  The wife is a member but the husband is strongly Catholic and tells us he´s not going to change. Well, we went to President´s house and we started talking about families and how they can be strengthened through the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the couple (Juan and Ketti) started arguing and it got pretty awkward. But President and Hermana Borg are fantastic and  just shared their testimony about how families can be together and how we can work out any problem with our spouse if we just love them enough and forgive them. Juan was especially just blown away by their sweet spirit, especially of Hna. Borg who is just amazing, and after the noche de hogar Juan thanked us and told us he was sincerely impressed. I think the noche de hogar really helped them, although we haven´t been able to go back to visit them this week.
     On Tuesday we had the blessing of going to the temple!! Inside the temple there´s just an indescribable feeling of peace that´s just so different from  outside. I realized what a blessing  and a privilege it is to be able to go to the temple, especially in  the mission. I learned more about myself  and god´s plan of salvation for all his children, and I felt so grateful for having a temple so close.
     We got a call on Friday from the assistants telling us that a handful  of hermanas  were traveling to Lima from the Peru Huancayo mission and that we would be having two of them come stay with us for a day. We picked up Hna Macias (from Malibu) and Hna. Pickett (from St. George) in the office and had them stay  with us Saturday and Sunday night. It was kinda fun going to church with four hermanas! It was fun for me having two norteamericanas for the day--  I´m pretty sure we were just laughing and smiling all day! They had to go back this morning, so we had  to wake up  early  to  take them back into the office. Just another day  as an hermana capacitadora in santa cruz  :)
     I wanted to tell you about a few of our investigators...
*Darlene: I´ve been teaching Darlene ever since I got here with Hna Gomez. Darlene is about 40 and  lives apart from her children. She has lots of  desire to learn more about the gospel, but was having problems keeping her commitments. She told us the other day when we dropped by to visit her that when she tried to drink alcohol she felt sick and couldn´t drink it. We were like... that´s God helping you keep the word of wisdom!! She said, I guess so. Ha but she came to church yesterday and she was super excited. She now  has a fecha for June 21, but still needs a little bit of help.

*Pedro and Nelly: Pedro and Nelly are a 60 year old couple that were references from a member in chile.  Pedro is a little more willing to listen than Nelly, but they´re both excellent! The main problem is that they need to get married, and that they both work on Sunday. We´ve got plans to help them get married in a massive matrimonio that´s free, so there´s hope!

Well I think that´s it for this week. We´re still busy with our exchanges, which are super fun and I always learn a lot. It sounds like you´re all doing well!! I love you so much! Have a great week! 

Love, Hermana Anderson

Diana's baptism!!!


At the temple with mah friend Hna Terry.  She's from Orem.
Beach in our sector (aka el parque del amor)

Pier at the beach
Us four playing the skittles game :)

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