Tuesday, June 3, 2014

In His Plan, there are no real endings, only Eternal Beginnings

     Greetings loved ones! The weather is definitely turning colder here, but it´s not any worse than what we have at home, so I´m still doing fine! Glad it´s all hot and sunny up there at home. We´ve had a great week this week! Full of fun activities and learning experiences.
     On Tuesday we had an exchange, and I stayed in Santa Cruz with an Hna Almodovar, who is from Mexico. We had a great day, walked a lot, but it was fun! At the end of the day we had a lesson on the complete other side of our sector and we were all ready running late, so we went in taxi. The taxi driver charged me more than normal, but since we were running late I accepted and we got in. I felt kind of irritated to be honest, cause I knew that he had just charged me more because I´m ¨gringa,¨ or North American. I felt the impression that I should talk to the taxi driver, but I talked back to my impression ha. I remembered a talk I have by Tad R Callister that says, Consecrated missionaries talk with everyone. So, I swallowed my pride and started talking to the driver just about the traffic, and then we started talking about who we were and why we were in Peru. He told me that he was very interested and wanting some material to be able to read. I was very surprised, but very grateful that I had followed the impression of the spirit. What if I would have let my pride get in the way of someone who was ready to hear our message? I was grateful for that lesson I learned.
     On Friday we had a Multizona meeting, which is a meeting we have with other zones. We were with the zone San Martin, which has Hna Wardle, Hna Gomez, and a whole bunch of Elders who I know. It was way fun! Hna Borg taught us how we should treat the members with respect, and she asked Hna Nuñez and me to help her with a sketch. We had to act like the ¨bad missionaries¨ who visit the members and do everything wrong. So... I started going crazy ha. Hna Nuñez was super shy, but I started asking them for food, if we could play with their kids, if we could watch TV and use the internet... I talked in ¨jergas,¨ or informal language that´s not appropriate for missionaries, I started calling Hna Nuñez by a nickname, ¨Nuni¨... haha it was so funny! Later on we also sang a musical number with two other hermanas, Hna Rivera from Honduras and Hna Terry from Orem. We sang ¨Faith in every footstep,¨ which reminded me of trek. The song actually turned out great and was fun to sing. Elder Castro, one of the assistants, also trained us about how to use family history work as a means of finding new people to teach. On Familysearch I printed off our family tree and was able to talk a little bit about how we´ve done the work in our family. So, thanks grandma Jean and grandma DeAnn for all the family history work you´ve done and are doing! It was a fun meeting and I learned a lot. 
     After the meeting, we had another exchange with Hna Bennett from Provo and Hna Sanjines from Argentina. I went with Hna Bennett this time, and it was a super fun day! Hna Bennett is one of my good friends in the mission, so it was fun to have a exchange, the first one we´ve had together. She´ll also be going to BYU after the mission, so that´ll be fun! I love all the people I´ve been able to meet in my mission and all the things I learn from them everyday.
     In my personal study this morning, I read in the Liahona the conference talk about gratitude by President Uchtdorf. He is an amazing speaker. I was comforted knowing that if we are grateful IN our circumstances, and not only FOR things, we will be able to find real JOY in this life. Being grateful in our circumstances doesn´t mean we´re content with our trials, but it means we have the hope and faith that we know we can overcome them and grow from them. I love what President Uchtdorf said, that In His plan, there are no real endings, only eternal beginnings. Endings are not are destiny. I encourage you all to read his talk again, it´s amazing! 
     Congrats Courtney on your graduation!!!!!!! I am so excited and proud of you!! Hope you have fun in Fiji!! Be safe ok? I¨m sure someday I´ll hear from Colton haha. Love you guys! Have a great week!

Love, Hna Anderson

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