Monday, May 12, 2014

Cinco de Mayo!

     Saludos a todos! Como estan? It´s pretty cool thinking that up there in the states today everyone will be speaking Spanish saying ¨cinco de Mayo.¨ 
     Well we have come to the end of another transfer! I can´t believe how fast these six weeks have gone by. We´ve been trying to get the assistants to tell us the changes, but they won´t budge. We´re about 99% sure that Hna. Gomez has transfers, because she´s been here in Santa Cruz for 6 months. One of the assistants, Elder Huber, also has 6 months here so will probably change. It´ll be sad to see them go but I know we grow the most when we have to change. It´ll be fun to serve with new missionaries!
     We had to go into the office this morning to help out some hermanas in our zone and Hermana Callister came walking in for her last interview with President, so I got to say goodbye to her. So many goodbyes are happening this transfer! But it´s ok cause I know I´ll see her and some other missionaries up at BYU.
     This week we decided to go and give Irma a visit to see if she was reading or praying yet. She was super friendly, but told us that she had been watching a program about the Bible that explained that lots of people were crucified in Christ´s time, and it was a normal punishment then. She said that Christ was a great political leader, but that she didn´t quite believe it was possible that He died for us all. This week I learned that God knows his children-- God knew that Irma didn´t have a testimony, even if we didn´t. He knew that if we would have found out after her bautism  that she didn´t even have a testimony in Jesus Christ, we would have felt pretty bad. So I learned once again that God knows what´s best for us. He knows what He´s doing with his children :)
     This week we were talking with a woman we met in the street selling earrings named Edith. She told us she had faith in Christ, but she felt like her life didn´t have any purpose. She started crying and told us she had no family, no friends, no money... nothing. In all of our meetings in the mission we always recite our missionary commission written by Bruce R. McConkie. Part of it says that we are here ¨to do and to say what Christ would do and say if here were personally here.¨ In that moment the comission popped into my head about I thought, what would Christ do if he were here? What would he tell to this sweet daughter of God? I felt the spirit so strongly and felt the love that God has for her. I wanted to just throw my arms around her and tell her that everything would be ok! I testified that Heavenly Father loved her SO much and that he knew what she was going through. I also told her that Christ died just for her, because he loved her so much. She thanked us and told us she felt much better. We gave her a pamphlet of the plan of salvation to read. It was a great reminder to me that that´s why I´m here in the mission, to testify of Christ and to help people like Edith. If I can help people like her who are looking for the truth, then all the hard work is worth it. 
     This week we also had a leader´s training meeting that is for all the zone leaders and hermanas capacitadoras. It is my favorite meeting! We talk about logros (numbers??) that each zone has reached in baptisms and reactivated members for the month. We talk about what we can do as leaders to help our mission progress. After that we eat lunch prepared by Sister Borg and it is always delicious! This time she made the cabbage salad with ramen noodles that mom always makes! I was super happy ha. 
     Last night we went and visited a family that we haven´t visited for a while. The husband is menos activo, the wife is not a member and they have two littles boys, 5 years old and 1 year old. We taught them the Restoration and invited them to come to stake conference with us this Sunday. They said that we could drop by to pick them up! They´re a great family and they´re willing to progress. They even want to have their baby blessed in sacrament meeting! We´re excited to teach them and see them grow.
     Welp that´s it for this week. Oh, Mother´s Day! We were thinking of getting on skype on Sunday in the afternoon around 3 or 4. Are you guys gonna be home around then? I love you guys so much! Thanks for your letters! Have a great week!
Love, Hermana Anderson
P.S. Estamos en Argentina o Peru? Mate sin factura!
        Our last district meeting for the transfer.
        View of the beach from my sector Santa Cruz.

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