Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Miskita Quyaiki

     Greetings loved ones! We just got back from the Parque de las Leyendas, a big zoo that´s close to my old area. It was fun to do something different, and my zone is awesome. What I love is getting to know so many different people from different countries... Mexico, Peru, Salvador, Chile, Argentina... and everyone has different likes and hobbies. I¨ve learned how to fix cars, how to speak a little qechua, history, science, marine biology... It´s pretty cool all the experiences you get to have in the mission!
     This week was a good one for Hermana Hernandez and me, but we also passed through a couple rough days. Right now we have four investigators with baptismal dates! One of our investigators, named Diego, has a date for this Saturday. He IS 14 and is a cool kid with a strong testimony. He´s really turned his life around since he started hearing the lessons and wants to serve a mission someday! He´s a great example for me. Gustavo, Wilfredo and Rodrigo are the other three with baptismal dates. Gustavo is about 25 and really loved when we taught the Plan of Salvation. He told us that he really wants to have a family of us his own, and knows that it wouldn´t make sense to not be with our families forever! Wilfredo is 82 and his wife passed away about a month ago. He told us that he promised his wife that he´d be sealed in the temple to her, and he told us, ¨Hermanitas, I´m not going to leave this earth until I´ve fulfilled my promise.¨ He´s so cute! Rodrigo is 13 and has had a hard life. He leaves with his dad, cause his mom left them when he was really little. It made him grow up fast, he doesn´t act like he´s 13, more like he´s 20 years old. He said he´s a lot happier now that he has friends in the church who are good examples for him. 

     I am SO grateful that I grew up in the gospel! I realize everyday how much I took for granted having the gospel in our home! Even the little things, like how we always spend time as a family, how we eat together, just that we have unity as a family. We are teaching a family who has so many problems in their home, and I just keep thinking, if only they lived the gospel in their home they could avoid so many of these problems!! We don´t realize our blessings until we don´t have them! I love you guys and am so glad that we get to be together forever! Please be examples for everyone that you can. Share the gospel with your friends, even your friends that are members, cause they need to be reminded sometimes too. 

    Sorry if my letters don´t make a ton of sense ha. There´s so much that happens in the week and I just try to get the most important stuff in. I love you guys SO much!! Sounds like you all had a fun UEA weekend. Enjoy the fall weather! We are having a few days of sun which is awesome! Love you! Hasta luego!

Love, Hermana Anderson

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