Monday, October 7, 2013

La Legua Peru, Oct 7, 2013 (30)

     Hola familia! Well to start things out... I have transfers this week!! We found out Saturday night and I did not see a change coming at all! I was surprised and a little sad, but I am also excited to know a new area. It will be weird to have a new ward, new zone, new leaders, new companion... but something I´m learning a lot here is that we can never grow in a comfort zone. We have to be tried and tested, because when we are comfortable or complacent, we cannot grow to our full potencial! I am pretty bummed that I only got to be with Hermana Callister for one change, but she just keeps saying that it was too good to be true. I learned a lot from her and I know we will always be good friends. She is going to BYU after the mission, along with like half my mission ha, so I know we will still see each other after. Today I will have to say goodbye to all my friends here in my ward, and I know it will be hard, but I know that they will be in good hands. I love the people here so much that I can´t even explain why, it´s just crazy how fast we come to leave these people we´re teaching and the people we serve with. I won´t know until tomorrow where I´m going or who I´ll be with, it will definitely be an adventure! Everyone keeps saying that I will be with someone younger than me for about a change or two, and then I will train after that! Whatever happens, I know that the Lord is in this work and he will help me complete any call he gives me.
     Well this week we had a few service projects that were pretty fun. We are pretty good friends with one menos activo that has just started to get reinvolved with the church. Her name is Celia, I think I´ve written about her before. She works in a pharmacy and the other day we went and helped her clean all the shelves and stuff in her store. She is great and always has good advice for us. I will miss her! We also cleaned up a field with artificial grass (turf?) after a championship soccer game, because the mom of one of our investigators works there. We spent almost an hour cleaning up confetti out of the fake grass. It reminded me a bit of my softball days! Service is pretty rare here so I love even the small acts of service that we get to do. 

     It will be hard to leave behind all the people here that I´ve been teaching for so long. I think that I will get to come back for their baptisms, so I´m excited for that! We had to push back the date for Ana Maria, and when she found out she was still going to be baptized, she picked me up off my feet in a bear hug and spun me around!! This lady is like 50 something and she picked me up off my feet she was so happy! Hopefully I will get to come back for her baptism.

     I feel like I could write about what I liked about conference for pages and pages! It was so great! I had so many questions answered, and I just felt like the Lord knew what I needed to hear. I especially liked Elder Holland´s talk and President Monson´s talk. The point of our trials is that we can become better than what we were before. Trials are not a flaw in God´s plan, but an indispensible part of the plan. I am so excited for the Liahona to come out next week so I can read all the talks! We also had 6 investigators come to conference and a few more menos activos, so that was also awesome!

     Welp I love you guys and hope you´re doing well! Sounds like Colton had a good football season this year, and I loved seeing pictures of Court at homecoming. You are beautiful baby sis! Keep practicing Spanish Colton! I love you guys so so so much!! Cuidese todos!!

Con amor, Hna. Anderson

Pics. There was a parade in our area that we stalked so we could take pictures. One of our investigators was in the parade and we were on our way to teach her, so she yelled at us, I won´t be able to make it to the lesson today! It was pretty funny ha. 

2nd picture is with two menos activos that I taught. The abuelita is named Teofila, and the girl is named Ana. She sang Adele´s Rolling in the Deep for me in english. I love them!!

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