Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Some Weeks are Better Than Others

     Buenos Dias! Well like it says in the title, some weeks are better than others... and this week was one of the better ones! I feel like this week stretched on forever, but it was good for me cause I learned a lot. The week was full of intercambios, hot and humid weather, multizone meeting, and lots of personal growth.
     First of all on Tuesday I stayed here on an intercambio with an Hermana Lopez from Buenos Aires. This last cambio about 7 hermanas came from Argentina, so we´ve got a few in our zone now. Hermana Lopez is from Buenos Aires and apparently people from Buenos Aires are famous for their strong character. Hna Lopez definitly has a little bit of a strong character, but we had fun talking about Evita, mate and alfajores. She refused to eat the food that our pensionista made for us which made me feel bad for our pensionista, but what can ya do. It turned out to be a fun day though. On Thursday an Hermana from Bolivia named Hna Antonio came here. I´ve had an intercambio with her before, she´s super cool and we get along really well! She´s got about 4 months in the mission but came prepared. I´m seeing a difference in the new hermanas.. some come prepared to face the challenges of the mission, but others come thinking that everything will be easy and that it´s just like living at home. But it´s not! The mission really helps you to grow up in the most positive of ways. 
     On Wednesday Hna Rodriguez and I were back together and had a pretty interesting experience with a reference that we received from a member. The reference is named Flor and the member told us that he had set up a meeting with her that night. So, we showed up at her house at the hour and sat down with Flor and two of her friends. Flor´s friends were two ladies of a different religion and they started out telling us that they had come to listen to our message. I thought, that´s great, the more the merrier! But as soon as we started talking one of the ladies started arguing with everything we said, especially about the book of mormon. The lady was pounding on the bible saying that it was the only book she needed, and that there was no way she was going to believe in the book of mormon. I started feeling mad cause the lady wouldn´t let us get two words in and she was saying all this stuff in front of Flor. While she went on arguing I looked down at the book of Mormon on the table in front of me and read the golden words, ¨El Libro de Mormon.¨ A feeling of peace came over me as the spirit bore testimony to me that the book of mormon was true. I felt in that moment that it didn´t matter what other people said, but that I had received an answer and I knew that the Book of Mormon was true. The lady finished talking and excused herself and her friend from the table. Once they had left, Flor apologized for their behavior. She said quitely, ¨But I believe that it´s ok to have two books about God.¨ We were able to explain to her about Joseph smith and the restoration, and the spirit was really strong. She invited us to come back the next week, so we´ll be going back to visit her this Wednesday. I´m grateful for the testimony and the peace that the spirit brought me from this experience.

     On Thursday we had a multizone conference with the zone callao. I saw Elder Larsen, he is still doing well, but I imagine he´ll be having a cambio sometime soon cause he´s been there since he started. We had a great training from President Borg and the assistants. We talked a lot about the power we have as missionaries and I also felt the spirit So strongly in the meeting. I know that we´re called of God and that we´re in his work!

     On Friday our zone leaders surprised us by calling a meeting and making us all banana pancakes! Well, they bought the ingredients and we hermanas made the pancakes ha. We also set goals for the months of March and April. We all got really excited and I think our zone will have a lot of success this month!

     Angel passed his baptismal interview so if everything goes well he will be baptized March 11. He loves to come with us to teach investigators, his testimony is really strong right now cause he´s seeing first hand the difference when we keep the commandments in our lives.

     Well I love you guys so so much!! Love hearing from you guys. Hope you´re doing well in work and school and that you´re doing stuff as a family. Talk to you next week! Chaufa!

Love, Hna Anderson

Pics   Making banana pancakes!
Setting up a fan in our room.. I think I´m too much like dad cause after 5 seconds I got frustrated and Hna Rodriguez set it up ha
view of Lima from Hna. Aguero and Hna Brudnicki´s apartment building

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