Friday, March 21, 2014

I've Been Away a Year and a Day

Happy St. Patrick´s Day!! Hermana Brudnicki just reminded me that today is st. Patrick´s day, or I would have forgotten. We had a great week! We had lots of new things going on this week.
Starting with Monday, we went to a zoo called parque de las leyendas as a zone. I´ve been there before but now they have a new section that´s built like the north of Peru in the amazon, so that was pretty cool to walk around in.

On Tuesday Angel de Jesus was baptized!! It was a happy but stressful day. Stressful because the bishop almost didn´t let Angel be baptized, because Angel doesn´t technically live in this ward. He works here but actually lives about half hour away. We had already talked to President for his permission, explaining that Angel was going to move here permanately to study. Well long story short, in the end we got the bishop´s permission, explaining that it was all approved by President Borg. When we got to the church to fill the baptismal font, we had brought the wrong keys and didn´t have the key to the font! We had to literally SPRINT over to the house of the first counselor for different keys and ran back to be able to fill up the font in time. In the end... todo salio bien! Everything worked out. Angel came with his mom, who was super excited to see how many members had come to support him. It was a beautiful baptism service, and the bishop actually baptized Angel. He will be a strong member, but is still new in the way things work, so he´ll need a little help getting started.

On Wednesday we met two boys named Julinho (you-lean-yo) and Giovanni. They are brothers who were references from two members here in our ward. They are so super prepared!! Julinho first got excited hearing from his friends about the mission, and asked what he needed to do to be baptized in order to serve the mission. We taught him the first lesson and invited him to be baptized. He accepted without hesitating!! His brother Giovanni came to church yesterday (Julinho couldn´t come cause he had traveled over the weekend). They are awesome and are more evidence to me that the Lord does prepare his children!

 On Thursday I had an exchange with Hermana Madsen, so we were able to complete our one year together! We started as companions one year ago and were able to complete one year as companions. We talked a lot about old MTC memories which was so fun!! We celebrated by eating reece´s and some saltine crackers that a member gave to us ja. We´ve both learned a lot we realized and have been through so much. The mission has been one of, if not the most important decisions of my life, and i don´t regret it one single bit. I have learned SO much here and have grown to have a stronger testimony in my savior Jesus Christ. And that is the most important thing to me.

On Saturday our stake had a noche blanca, which is a reunion where serveral people are baptized in the same night. President and Hermana Borg came with their daughter and her family who came to visit from Utah! We have a goal as a zone for 20 baptisms this month, and in the noche blanca 10 people were baptized, and with Angel on Tuesday we´ve reached 11 baptisms so far!! There are still two more weeks in March, so we´ll see what happens! it´s exciting what the Lord does for us when we are obedient and have faith in him.

That is it for this week! i love you all so much!! thanks for your letters! We´ll talk to you all next week! Les amo!!

Love, Hermana Anderson

Pics ·Parque de las leyendas

·parque de las leyendas. peru can be pretty sometimes

·Angel´s baptism! with his mama

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