Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Empty Nesters y Pura Vida

Hola familia! I think this letter will have to be a little like a journal entry because so many things happened each day this week.
Starting with Monday, for P day we went to the beach and rented some bikes to ride along the coast. It was so fun and a nice P day, but after I was sooooo sore after not having ridden a bike for about a year. Still lots of fun though! Monday night we went to a family home evening that an hermana in the ward had invited us to. When we got to her house she said she had invited a couple in their 20s from California that were renting a room in her house for their honeymoon. At first I was kinda nervous cause I thought a young couple on their honeymoon would not want to take time to listen to the missionaries and were only doing the family home evening to be nice. But the husband came in first and was very nice and talkative explaining how he and his wife had met and their religious background. He is named Jeremy and his wife is named Destiny. Destiny´s parents are from Cuba and so she spoke and understood a little spanish, but Jeremy understood nada, zero ha. Hna Gomez doesn´t speak English at all but can understand, so the whole lesson ended up being pretty much all in English. It was Amazing. It was soo different teaching and explaining everything in English, but it was so cool! Jeremy and Destiny had so many good questions and we ended up staying for almost 2 hours talking with them. They had both grown up with the idea of a God, but had never really attended a church. They had so many questions about the purpose of life and the book of mormon that I asked if they would have time another day. They invited us to come back the next day.

On Tuesday I went on an intercambio with Hna Hollberg, the hermana from Salt Lake. I think you´ve seen her blog before. It was perfect cause we were gonna teach Jeremy and Destiny in English. It was another great lesson with them and the spirit was so strong. They are super prepared and the nicest couple ever. We invited Jeremy to offer the prayer at the end of the lesson and he said something like, ¨We are grateful that we now know completely, absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt that you exist and that this is the right path for us.¨ Hna. Hollberg and I were just beaming!! They gave us their direction in California and said they would be home in two weeks. So some lucky pair of missionaries will have the opportunity to teach them there in the states. They live in Hawthorne, I was thinking where is McCall serving or McKenzy Mackay maybe. It would be so cool!

Tuesday night we got a call from the assistants saying that an hermana was returning home for health problems and that her companion would be coming to stay with us for a few days. La hermana Melendez from Costa Rica came and stayed with us and she is awesome! She was teaching us some expressions in Costa Rica like ¨pura vida¨ which means awesome or cool. It was fun being a threesome!

On Thursday we were still with Hna Melendez when the assistants called us again and said that an Hermana was going to enter the mission in the middle of the cambio and that she would come stay with us too. So, Hermana Astudillo from Chile came and we were 4 staying in the same apartment! Just for one night though, cause then we had to go drop the hermanas off in the office to meet up with their new companions. After we had dropped them off Hna Gomez and I were joking around that we were like empty nesters, cause now we were just 2 again and we didn´t know what to do with all our time ha.

We are seeing miracles here in Santa Cruz. This Saturday there will be two baptisms in the ward, the hermana Irma that we´ve been teaching, and another hermano who´s case has been a little different... his name is Augusto. He´s an older guy, about 60. He came to church one day all on his own and the elders started teaching him cause he lives in their sector. But the elders have zero time in their sector, so asked us to take over for them. So we started teaching Augusto and he also had a baptismal date for this Saturday. The elders told us that Augusto ¨counts¨ in the records as a baptism in our sector, so now we have two with fecha for this Saturday! We are so excited! This has been a great week with some great lessons and we have seen the Lord´s hand here in our barrio.

Thank you so much for all your letters and support. I got a letter from Kyla this week which was awesome! I´m glad to hear you´re all doing well. I hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday as a family. Se que Jesucristo dio su vida por nosotros y que el resucito el tercer dia para librarnos de la muerte. I miss you and love you! Until next week.

Love, Hermana Anderson

P.S. We still haven´t had time to buy a new cord to send pictures, but next week for sure I will get one!

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