Friday, September 20, 2013

Another week!

     Hola familia y amigos! Sorry that I didn´t write yesterday, we took a bus for about 2 hours down south to a beach called Mala for P day and I didn´t have time to write. We played volleyball on the beach and I actually got a little sunburnt, which is weird cause there wasn´t any sun ha. It´s still pretty chilly here most days but last week we had a few days of sun so that was nice. I think it´s gonna start warming up here pretty quick! I´m ready for spring!
     This week we had interviews with President Borg. Presidente Borg and Hermana Borg son lo maximo! That´s the phrase that everybody uses here to say that something is awesome ha. But really, I feel like they´re my family here! In my interview I told President Borg that I was a little bit frustrated that we haven´t seen the fruits of our labors as far as baptisms go. He said that as long as we´re working hard, we´re obedient, and we´re teaching with the spirit, then we´re having success. That made me feel a lot better. The mission is hard to explain because, I have to admit, it´s super hard, but it´s the greatest thing ever! There are some hard days, but all of those are just forgotten when we have a great lesson and I can feel the spirit and know that we´re helping someone come unto Christ. Even though we aren´t having baptisms right now, I know we´re helping people here in our ward. Baptisms will come as we just keep working! 
     Something else about this week is that on Sunday we had stake conference and watched a broadcast from Salt Lake. I´m pretty sure it was stake conference for all the stakes in Peru. We got to hear from Elder Bednar and Elder Scott. It was really great! Elder Bednar talked about repentance and how Christ is the great doctor. The guilt that we feel when we sin can be replaced with happiness and joy when we repent and use the Atonement. Christ can heal our spiritual wounds. Elder Scott talked about how woman is the most beautiful of all of God´s creations. I was a little surprised at first when he started talking about that topic, but then I realized that it was super great for all the women here to hear! Lots of the women we teach are single moms and don´t realize their self worth. I´m so grateful that Elder Scott talked about our self worth as women. I also love every time he talks about his wife Jeanine, it´s so cute! I just want every husband to talk about his wife like he does. Every women deserves that!
     I think that one of the biggest things I´m learning in the mission is how God must feel when we don´t keep his commandments. I find myself getting disappointed when our investigators don´t keep their commitments, and I can only imagine how our Heavenly Father must feel! I don´t know, it just must be really hard for Him to see when someone doesn´t want to hear about his gospel, or hear about what his son did for them. I appreciate so much now growing up with the gospel and don´t think I realized the importance of it in my life. I can see the difference in people´s lives when they don´t have it, and it´s really sad to be honest! I know I´m here to bring the happiness and light of Christ´s gospel in people´s lives. 
     Hna. Callister and I are still getting along great! We have a lot in common and are learning a lot from each other. Colton, your email made me laugh ha. I´m glad you are liking your Spanish class! Keep practicing with dad! And I´m sorry you lost in football. All you can do is just keep getting better right? I´m SO happy to hear that you´re all still reading the book of mormon. Ustedes son lo maximo! Thanks for all the updates about home. Glad to hear you´re all doing well. I love you all so much!!! Talk to you next week. Cuidense!

Con amor, Hna. Anderson

P.S. I can´t believe I´ve got 6 months in the mission. Crazy!! Pictures are of us in Mala on the beach.

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