Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I'm Seeing a Theme Here

   Greetings loved ones! And Happy Valentine´s Day! Hna. Rodriguez and I bought some Hershey´s and snickers candy bars for our Valentine´s Day. It´s still super hot here in Lima and I feel like I just burn everyday.. I could probably be better with putting on sunscreen ha. Today for P day we went to el Cercado de Lima to visit the Catacumbs of Lima. I just realized that last week we went to visit a cemetary and this week we went to the Catacumbs... haha our mission is so small that I think we´re just desperate to find something new to do! But it was actually pretty cool. Once in a lifetime thing I guess!
     Nilo received the Aaronic priesthood this Sunday! ..But wasn´t present in Sacrament meeting. He showed up for the second hour and when we asked where he was he said he had taken some of his friends to a sacrament meeting in the Magdalena chapel. Nilo got his hands on a Preach my Gospel so who knows what he will do next ha. He asked us if he could go out as a missionary and teach little pueblos in the provinces of Peru. We told him that he can start as a home teacher first. He is awesome! He is super excited to go out and teach with us, and actually tomorrow is going to accompany us. Tomorrow we are doing our first exchange of the transfer with the Hermanas and it´s my turn to leave the sector, but luckily I´ll just be going to the other part of our ward with Hna. Brudnicki. Hna Madsen (my companion in the MTC) is in our zone now so I´ll get to do exchanges with her pretty soon!! This transfer started out a little rougher as far as sister training leader responsibilites go. We had transfers almost a week ago on Tuesday and we got a call from a companionship of sisters that wanted a change on Thursday. We went to their room to visit them and help sort things out, but they just wouldn´t budge! They asked for a transfer, so now we have a brand new hna named Hna. Lopez from Buenos Aires! This transfer four new hermanas from Argentina came in, so that was exciting! We are having to open up new sectors like crazy, and even hermanas from the states who only have about four months are having to train! There´s just so many missionaries coming in and our mission is so small. But it´s exciting to see the work grow! 

     Yesterday we had a couple really good lessons with some less active members. We went with two hermanos in the ward to the house of the Familia Padilla to give a priesthood blessing to the Hna Padilla who has cancer. They both got pretty choked up and emotional and thanked us for coming after so many years. The two hermanos that came with us were amazing and also caught the missionary spirit. We also went to visit an hermano that hasn´t been to church in a while, even though he served with Elder Uceda in a mission presidency! The hermano also got pretty emotional and thanked us for sacrificing this time in our lives to serve a mission. The spirit was really strong and we were able to testify that as representatives of Christ he would be blessed if he turned to the Lord and learned to depend on him again. The hermano said that he wanted to return to the church, but needed a little more time. We are going to keep visiting him and teaching him, and I know with time he´ll return to the church!

     Well I think that´s about it for this week. Thanks for always writing (mom and dad.) Haha I hope to hear from Courtney and Colton soon! I love hearing about what you´re doing. Courtney´s got her UVU thing this week right? Good luck with that! And have fun with baseball Colton. Love you guys so much! Til next week!!

Love, Hna Anderson

   All my gringa friends!
   Hna Gomez and I. She is also from Argentina
   My cute little valentine from Hna Rodriguez
   Outside the cathedral and the catacumbs

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